6 Simple Tips to Make your Home More Secure


Home safety is one of the most important parts of our lives. We want to make sure our families, pets and possessions are safe and secure.

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And, there are other simple things you can do to help ensure your house is as protected as possible. Use these 6 easy to do and inexpensive tips to make your place as safe as it can be.

Prune your shrubs

It’s important to trim any overgrown bushes, trees or shrubs that an intruder could hide behind. Make sure your windows, doors, porch and front deck are visible for your neighbors. It’s also smart to mow your lawn routinely.

This won’t cost a dime but a few hours of time spent completing the yard work. The potential benefits far outweigh giving up one Saturday afternoon.

Draw the blinds

Use window shades, drapes, blinds or other window treatments to keep tempting household items out of view. If you opened your window coverings to let light in during the day make sure they are closed when the sun goes down.

There are tons of choices when it comes to window treatments so pick one that fits best with your home’s decor.

Don’t show off big purchases

A big advertisement that your family has recently made big purchases (electronics, furniture, etc.) is large boxes on the curb. This is especially a major issue during the holiday season.

In order to avoid showing off the new things that are in your home, break down boxes and put them into garbage cans or wait until trash day to put them out.

Reinforce entry points

The majority of residential burglaries happen on the ground floor near doors or windows. So, a critical step to keeping your home secure is to strengthen these areas. Your doors should be made of a solid material like wood and all windows should have a locking mechanism.

Install deadbolts

A related idea is installing at least one-inch deadbolts on every one of your exterior entryway doors. Most locksmiths recommend using Grade 1 or Grade 2 American National Standards Institute deadbolt locks.

The two primary types of deadbolts are single and double cylinder locks. Single cylinder deadbolts have a key opening on one side and a hand knob on the other. The double cylinder has a keyed lock on both sides. Double cylinder locks are the best choice for doors with a glass section or located near a window.

Set indoor timers

Timers can be connected to anything from indoor lights to televisions and sound systems. You can set a time to turn on after the sun goes down (if no one plans to be home) and keep it on for a set amount of time.

This is a great way to portray the illusion that people are home even when they aren’t. Timers range from basic plug-ins that control the lights to digital systems that control all your home electronics.

One bonus tip is to always use common sense when it comes to home security. Always lock your doors and windows when you are home or away. Here are some other simple ideas to deter burglars from your home.

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