6 Things To Check Before Buying a Used Shed

Cook Delivery 2-1

Purchasing a used or pre-owned shed can be tricky. You’ve probably been searching for a good deal, but then you also want to ensure the quality is still there.  


At Cook Portable Warehouses we do occasionally get pre-owned sheds on our lots, but they never last long. Most of our pre-owned sheds go through a reconditioning process where we repair any damage that occurred from past ownership. This could mean repairing a door hinge or touching up paint. The amazing thing is that when you purchase a used Cook portable building, the Lifetime Warranty is STILL valid on all treated components. 


So, as you’re searching for a new or new-to-you shed, here are 10 things to check.  


  • Check into the condition of the shed. 

Some returned sheds may just sit on the lot, waiting for a buyer. But, with Cook, most of our sheds go through a reconditioning process to prepare it for the new owner. Ask your shed dealer what’s been done to the shed and if there are any issues you should know about.


  • Check for damaged areas.

Is the roof solidly in place or do you see gaps? Are there any loose floorboards or other floor issues? Be sure to ask about these potential problem areas before purchasing. 


  • Check for alternative payment options.

Maybe you can’t afford a brand new shed at the moment, but even used sheds may have a variety of payment options. With Cook, our rent to own program is offered on used and new sheds alike. This means with a small deposit you can have your pre-owned shed delivered to your backyard. 


  • Check if any warranties are still valid. 

Like we’ve said, Cook still offers our Lifetime Warranty on all treated components. We truly stand behind our sheds! But, if you’re looking at other options ask them about any warranties that the shed may still be eligible under and when they expire. Ask for this paperwork when you purchase just in case you need it before the warranty expires. 


  • Check for structural integrity. 

We build our sheds to last. It’s that simple. Many times we have repeat customers, not because their old shed has failed them but because they want an additional shed for their property. It’s important to look over the structure and construction before purchasing a new or used shed. Ask questions about the materials used in construction and why they stand behind the shed’s durability. Learn about our shed construction here.


  • Check on the delivery process. 

Always ask who will be in your backyard. Many shed companies will hire a third party to deliver or assemble the shed on your property. But, if they’re a third party they have no control over who is hired or who shows up to your backyard. With Cook that isn’t the case. Each of our delivery drivers is a Cook employee. They’ve had a background check and also periodic checks on their driving performance. When you choose Cook, you know who’s in your backyard. Learn more about the delivery process here. 


A quality shed, whether it’s pre-owned or new, should be the goal. You want to make sure it will last through time and weather. A Cook shed is a great choice no matter the age or style of the shed. 

If you’re looking for pre-owned sheds near you, contact your local Cook shed dealer. They can walk you through our shed options including any used storage building options available on the lot.