6 Tips to Make Raking Leaves Quicker and Easier


The beginning of fall brings a ton of great things! From cooler weather, to pumpkin spiced everything and great holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there is a lot to like about the season.

But, one not so fun thing about fall is all those leaves “falling” from the sky! No one wants to spend their weekend raking or spend their money hiring someone else to do it.

Well, don’t worry because Cook has you covered with these 6 tips to make the process easier, safer and much quicker!

Avoid the wind

Try to choose a day that is calm and absent of wind. Of course, if you are short on time or depending on what geographic area you live in, this might not be a reality but windless days are the optimal choice.

If you do end up raking on a windy day then rake the leaves in the same direction that the wind is blowing. Make the breeze do the work for you!

Rake when it’s dry

This might sound too simple but it’s a key with raking. Make sure your yard is dry and there hasn’t been a recent rain storm before starting. Wet leaves are heavier than dry leaves so if you could be using a lot more time and energy.

Have patience

You might hate the appearance of your yard with leaves everywhere but it doesn’t make sense to rake your entire space before all the leaves have fallen. In early fall, focus on spaces such as pathways, entryways, decks and other high traffic areas.

This patience will pay off in the long run when you get those leaves picked up and don’t live in fear of looking out the window and seeing them pile up again.

Work smarter

Raking smarter relates to the idea of patience. Once you get working you want to complete the task as quickly as possible. It’s like when you begin organizing you house, if you are scattered from room to room, it won’t be an efficient process.

With raking, start by grouping leaves into smaller piles on top of a tarp or piece of plastic. Then, drag those smaller groups to your main pile. This tactic for efficient raking is much more useful than raking into one huge pile and then trying to work around it.

Select the right tools

Half the battle when raking is having the right equipment to make the job easier. That old rusty rake that has been sitting in the back of your Cook shed might have some special memories, but its days of usefulness are probably past.

Invest in a newer rake, some heavy duty trash bags, some quality-made gloves and if you have a large property, a power rake or power leaf collector. And your Cook Portable Warehouse is the perfect place to keep all this equipment safe and secure!

Take care of yourself

All that raking and bending over to bag leaves can be backbreaking work. So it’s important to understand the proper technique and keep it going throughout the process.

Because raking is a workout, warm up your body with some basic stretches before you start. While you’re raking, maintain good posture by standing upright. Remember to switch hands regularly and bend with your knees instead of your back when picking leaves up.

Don’t overexert yourself and try to do too much too fast. Divide the yard into sections and work on small portions over a weekend or week. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks and drink tons of water and other liquids!

For more home and yard organization tips and tricks for fall, download the free resource from Cook below!