6 Ways to Get Kids Outside this Winter


Winter brings cold weather and snow that makes us more likely to stay warm inside our homes. But the chilly season also provides many chances for fun, outdoor exercise. 

All of these ideas and activities can be done right in your backyard. And speaking of convenience, a Cook building can be delivered right into your backyard so you can keep all those activities outside and keep your home and garage clean and tidy.

Here are 6 simple ways to encourage your kids to get outside to learn something and of course have fun this winter!

Have fun in the snow

If the snow begins to really fall, bundle your kids up and go out and enjoy the winter weather. Make snow angels by having your kids lie down and wave their arms and legs around or work together to make a snowman, snowwoman or an entire snow family!

Build a snow fort or snow house by pacing snow into plastic bins, allowing it to harden and then building up the structure. Use food coloring or things found in the yard like pinecones for decoration.

Make learning fun

A fun way to teach kids about animals and sneak some educational content into a fun atmosphere is to track their footprints. Take kids to a park and look for animal tracks after a snowfall and then record what you find.

Or you can also have fun identifying and cataloging evergreen trees. How many different types of evergreen can your family identify in your yard, neighborhood or town? From short, tall, thin or thick needles to different types of pinecones, the differences will definitely surprise you and get your whole family in the holiday spirit!

Break out your binoculars

It’s much easier to see birds including owls, certain ducks, red-tailed hawks and other species, during the winter because all the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Make a simple pine cone birdfeeder with peanut butter and birdseed for your backyard. Then, take your kids outside to observe which birds and other critters come to visit. Keep a log of what you see and then compare to other seasons.

Winterize your summer games

Games like horseshoes that are more common in warmer months, can be easily converted to fun snow weather games. Although your games might not last as long due to the cold weather, you will still have tons of fun on winter camping trips!

Establish fun, snow related contests

Bring some friendly competition to your outdoor activities with contests, treasure hunts or obstacle courses. Some ideas includes sled pulling, making the biggest snowball or how far everyone can throw a snowball. Snow brings a ton of chances for (free) exercise and fun activities!

Participate in wintertime sports

Get out there and enjoy all those sports that are perfect for the snow like skating, sledding, snowboarding and skiing. This is a great way for older kids to burn up all that extra energy they have from being inside all winter.

Checks before each winter to make sure kids haven’t outgrown their sports clothing and equipment. It’s always a good idea to have a bike helmet that fits when participating in any winter sport with slick conditions.

A great place to store all those larger winter sports equipment and supplies for any and all winter outdoor activities is in a Cook portable shed. To learn more about what differentiates Cook from the other portable warehouses companies out there, download our guide below!