6 Ways to Get your Family Ready for Summer


The end of May means the school year is ending and kids will be home for summer break. Although everyone loves more family time, this big change in routines and schedules can be stressful.

So think ahead and get prepared early on with these easy to accomplish tasks. These 6 items will keep you stress free, keep your kids entertained and keep summer as the time for family fun!

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Fill up the summer calendar

Grab a calendar and jot down all the camps, vacations, sporting events, parties and any other activities your family has planned for the summer. Then, you can stay on top of what is already planned and your available time to add other things.

Remember most camps, sports and activities required you to register or sign-up, so the earlier the better to ensure you kids do what they want this summer. Fees also typically increase the closer you sign up to the event.

Prepare activities at home

Not every day will be filled with outdoor activities and events, so make sure kids are occupied when they are staying at home too. At the beginning of every week, pull out some board games, sporting equipment and arts and crafts supplies.

Or fill a jar with ideas for activities and have them pick one a day so kids won’t have to think of their own ideas. If you have commitments or work and plan to use childcare, look into affordable ways to do this and interview potential babysitters.

Shop ahead of time

Make a shopping list of the items you’ll need to get ready for summer at home and during outings. Here are a few ideas of things to grab:

  • Educational workbooks, activity books and crafting/coloring supplies.
  • Supplies, lunch boxes, water bottles and portable food for lunches.
  • Gifts for weddings, parties, shower or other events your family plans to attend.
  • Toys, games, swimsuits and towels for the pool.

Clean and repair outdoor toys

Go through all the outdoor toys and supplies in your garage or Cook shed. Inflate any deflated balls or bicycle/scooter tires, clean off any dirty or sandy toys and check for any broken or missing parts. Add these items to your shopping list. Make sure helmets and other safety precautions still fit kids after a year of growth.

Pack a summer bag

A great way to stay prepared for a last second outing with family or friends is to pack a summer bag ahead of time. Then when kids are excited to play outside at the local park or pool, you won’t have to go around your house searching for things.

Things like bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, flip flops, water bottles, drinks, snacks, a small cooler and a handheld fan should be included.

Rotate your wardrobe seasonally

A great way to save room in closets and make all those summer clothes easier to find is by rotating your clothing before each season. This gives you the opportunity to purge unnecessary things and get clothing ready to wear. For more tips on this idea, read this blog post!

For more on springtime and summertime organizational tips, download the helpful guide below!