7 Areas to Focus on While Spring Cleaning


Spring is in the air! Which means spring cleaning is in the air around your home. But don’t despair, spring cleaning can be fun (really we promise)!

Cleaning up and organizing your space often leads to a clearer mind and more relaxed mindset. For many, cleaning is a way to relieve stress from the day or week. Get family members to help out and make it more fun with music or cleaning games.

Did you read our 3 keys to getting started with your spring cleaning in this post! Then, start by focusing on these 7 areas to help get the organized, clean home of your dreams! As you move down this list, your sense of accomplishment will increase and your stress level will decrease!

Clear out your closet

Purging your wardrobe and clearing out family’s closets is often one of the toughest chores, but it’s also the most productive and makes getting ready in the mornings much easier.

Really think about what clothes you actually use and which pieces you don’t. If you haven’t worn something in a year or longer, it’s time to let it go! Give away clothes that don’t fit, are torn, stained or dated. Then, reorganize the rest by color, style, brand or purpose.

Organize drawers and cabinets

Declutter one drawer, cupboard or cabinet every day until the whole house is done! Think about getting rid of things like mismatched plastic to-go containers, old or stained towels, non-working pens, out-of-date magazines, etc.

Purge your pantry and fridge

Check all the food items, condiments, canned goods, etc. in the refrigerator and pantry and get rid of any that have exceeded their expiration date. If there are others that haven’t expired but your family most likely won’t eat, donate them to a local food bank.

Clean out your medicine cabinet

Your medicine cabinet is another area that should be gone through by someone routinely. For prescription and over-the-counter medications, check the expiration dates. Read the guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about safe disposal or look into take-back programs at pharmacies in your area.

Also, go through your make-up collection and throw out anything that hasn’t been used in a year (for mascara between 3-6 months). Don’t forget to wash your make-up brushes with a mild shampoo regularly.

Sort your book collection

Clear out bookcases and just keep those books that you haven’t read or some of your treasured favorites. Sell the others, exchange them in a used book store or donate them to charity or a local library.

Recycle/shred papers

Papers including magazines, newspapers, paperwork, old bills, take-out menus, junk mail, calendars, receipts etc. tend to pile up. So recycle anything you don’t need or don’t read often and file the rest. Anything with personal information should be shredded for extra security.

Condense your calendar

Think about using an electronic calendar or PDA for all your to-lists rather than Post-it Notes. Also, consider paring down the activities and commitments listed on your calendar to only the ones you really enjoy!

After this productive spring cleaning, you will feel great and have more energy to enjoy springtime. Another way to refresh your home is with more space to help you stay organized with a Cook Portable Warehouse. Learn more about our construction and building standards by clicking below!