7 Businesses that Can Benefit from Cook Rent to Own


Not only are there countless perks of the Cook Rent to Own program for families, but businesses can also benefit.

One of the biggest perks for businesses is the ability to claim monthly payments as a business expense.  Those payments are tax deductable and help businesses get the extra space they need in a smart, financial way.

What if your small business continues to flourish and you have outgrown your space? What about a business that could benefit from a strategically placed portable shed to help improve service?

Here are several ideas for businesses that could use the Rent to Own program to their benefit by paying the unit off with easy monthly payments. And if anything changes and money gets tight, we will pick up the building at no cost.

1) Office Space

Need a place to store supplies, marketing materials and extra office furniture? A portable shed is a smart way to get some extra space for the items your business needs to keep but don’t want cluttering up your office.

2) Call Centers

Call centers or customer support departments often have varying storage needs for their supplies and furniture. Save money by renting a smaller location and storing unused items in a portable building.

3) Commercial Warehouses

Is your business thriving and are you running out of space in your commercial warehouse? With inventory constantly moving in and out, another large warehouse might not be an option. Think about the less expensive choice of adding a portable shed adjacent to your warehouse location.

4) Small Businesses

Starting your own business and don’t know where to begin with that long to-do list? One of the first essential necessities is adequate space. If you are working from home, an office or from another venue, adding a building can help put your mind at ease and shift focus to other important business decisions.

5) Schools/Daycares

Over the years, items such as desks, chairs, older technology and paperwork can pile up. A mobile storage unit provides the flexibility to store those items to sell or donate in the future.

6) Animal Shelters

When caring for a large number of cats and dogs, the needs for their daily care are endless. You will need food, leases, litter and more. And with the number of animals coming in and getting adopted always in flux, extra storage is an important component.

7) Donation Centers/Food Pantries

Portable sheds are ideal for businesses that have a constantly changing inventory. Donations can vary according to the season and economic climate. If people are in a giving mood, you want to find space to store all of those items.

Cook Portable Warehouses provides many flexible options for anyone who needs extra space. Not only is the building mobile, if your business needs change, but it just makes financial sense. The payments can be named as a business expense, made toward the overall cost to own the unit and can be canceled at any time.

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