7 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing an Outdoor Storage Shed


There are a lot of deciding factors in the storage shed buying process. In fact, there are so many elements involved that some may slip your mind. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list!

  • Appearance

Appearance is always one of the first things we notice – even when talking about storage sheds. Did you know that an attractive, functional storage shed can potentially increase your home’s value?  At Cook Portable Warehouses we provide sheds in a variety of styles, sizes and colors so it seamlessly fits your backyard landscape. You can even customize your own shed with us!

backyard garden shed


  • Features

Because your building will be left outdoors, there are a lot of factors that will come into play. Weather and outdoor critters both share roles in the longevity of a shed. Don’t make the mistake of looking past a shed’s features and construction. These details will be vital in the life of your shed and could actually save you a lot of trouble in the future.


  • Quality of Construction

Along with the features and materials involved, you’ll want to ensure your shed has been built by experts who know what they’re doing. Professional craftsmanship results in a professional grade portable building. That’s just a fact, and it’s why we can afford to place these invaluable warranties on all of our buildings (both new and pre-owned).


  • Customer Service

From the first time you speak with a sales representative to months after your shed has been delivered, you’ll want to know that your needs are being met. Someone should be there to hear your concerns and offer guidance when necessary. With Cook, you always know the number to call: 1-800-772-7883.


  • Delivery Time

As with any important purchase, once a decision has been reached, you don’t want to wait. At Cook Portable Warehouses, we understand this concern and work with our customers to focus on getting the shed delivered and installed within a timely manner. 

Delivering Cook Sheds

  • Price

For many, cost is the most significant factor involved when buying a shed. That’s why Cook provides a Lowest Price Guarantee.


  • Payment Options

Cook Portable Warehouses also offers a variety of buying options. You could choose to purchase your shed outright, or you may want to look into our rent-to-own option. In fact, a large majority of our customers have chosen the rent-to-own method. See what all the hype is about! Likewise, it’s important to note our pre-owned buildings offer the greatest value for our customers. Find out why by learning more!


We’d love to have you as part of the Cook family. Read more below on how to get started with us!