7 Reasons to Choose a Rent-to-Own Shed


Renting to own has never been more convenient and affordable! You may discover the shed you really need but then be put off by the price. But, with our rent to own program you can get what you need at the price that fits your budget. Plus, it’s not simply renting. You have a building right in your backyard and each payment goes toward owning the building fully.

Which portable buildings are eligible for our rent to own shed program? All of them! From the ever popular Utility Shed to the largest Handyman Shed, you can find the size and style you like best and still take advantage of this program. 

See more reasons why many customers choose our rent to own shed program. 

  • Trial Run

Unsure if having a shed is right for you and your family? Maybe you’re not yet fully committed to having a portable warehouse in your backyard. That’s okay. Take the building out for a test spin! If you’re not convinced, just let us know. We’ll come retrieve the unit right away. This is a benefit of choosing our rent to own program. 

  • Allocation of Finances

Don’t want to spend all of your money in one place? With small monthly payments, you’ll be able to use the extra income on other items –  tools, sports equipment, hobby supplies, maybe even a vacation.

  • Tax Deduction

If you are purchasing a shed for your business, select the rent to own option. Then, your monthly payments can be claimed as a business expense. This tax deduction actually works in their favor!

  • Easier to Budget

If you’re renting a Cook shed, we’ll work with you to find the payment plan that works with your budget. Then you’ll know how many months to budget a little extra for the storage you need. You always have the option to pay early with no penalty. 

  • Trade-Up Program

It’s not hard to underestimate their storage needs. Portable sheds can fill up quickly, leaving many people wishing they’d bought a larger building. With our trade-up program customers can call and request a larger unit at any time. The equity they’ve invested in the former shed will, then, be applied toward the new one.
Inside the Utility Shed

  • Possibility of a Financial Bind

Sometimes money gets tight. If your financial situation takes a turn for the worse, just give us a call. We’ll come pick up your portable building and your credit will remain untarnished!

  • Don’t Have the Money

Maybe you just don’t have the money to buy a storage shed right now. With the rent to own program, a portion of your monthly payment serves as a rental fee and the remainder is put toward purchasing your building. You could have a storage unit paid off in no time. No need to pay a rental fee for a storage unit across town. Start investing in your home’s storage solutions. 


At Cook Portable Warehouses, we’ll work with you to find the right financing option to fit your life. With a small deposit a Cook portable shed can be delivered to your backyard for free. Why wait?