7 Steps to Achieving your Perfect Home Landscaping


After a long winter, it’s time to reclaim your yard and get it looking better than ever. Not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck!  Here are the 7 fundamental steps of any great landscaping project.

  1. Survey the Area

The snow, ice, and early spring storms have left a path of destruction across much of our region. Begin by surveying your lawn to see how much work and clean-up will need to be done.

  1. Do a Little Handiwork

The next step of this process will most likely involve a bit of hands-on clean-up efforts. Scope out any tree limbs that may have fallen and do your best to remove them all. Larger limbs may require the assistance of a chainsaw or other tools. If you have gravel areas where weeds have begun to spring up, begin plucking those sprigs right out of the ground.

  1. Mow the Lawn

It’s time to bring out the lawnmower. If you’re anything like us, this moment could not have come sooner!  Mowing the yard often serves as the official sign that warm weather has arrived.

  1. Sketch Out Your Ideal Yard

Now, that you’ve cleared the area, you should be able to see a clean canvas emerge. How will you fill this new space? There are so many possibilities!  Feel free to gather some ideas from home improvement magazines or online.  Then, create a rough sketch of what you’re wanting.

  1. Gather What You’ll Need

Gathering supplies will be your next step. This may require you to visit a plant nursery and/or home improvement stores.  You’ll want to pick up an assortment of plants and trees to achieve your vision of the ideal yard. Mulch and gravel may also be required. Landscaping stones can help to edge out your masterpiece and create a complete, polished look. Finally, think of the tools you’ll need to actually do this work.

  1. Begin Planting

Here’s another fun part of the process! It’s time to get your hands dirty by planting the trees and shrubbery you picked up in the last step.

  1. Trim Out Your Work

Use the landscaping stones, mulch, and gravel to trim out your landscaping work. This will serve as a sort of cherry on top of your finished product.

Now, you’re ready to step back and admire your wonderful handiwork! Have a cookout, invite some friends over, or just relax by a campfire. Whichever way you choose to enjoy this new scenery is fine by us!

Don’t let things like that old push mower, the kids’ toys, and gardening tools clutter up your yard. These things will only detract from the lovely landscaping you’ve worked so hard to create. Portable sheds are a great place to store these items! Check out our Top 5 Most Popular Storage Tips below!