7 Things to Repurpose and Make New around your Home

Things_to_Repurpose_Make_New_your_Home_Cook Portable_Warehouses

At Cook, we love a good deal! And we love tips that can help us save money around our homes by repurposing items that we already have just sitting around.

Those broken, unused or forgotten things that are in the back of your closets can be brought back to life with a little cleaning, buffing, a quick coat of paint or just some attention.

And while you are spending the time organizing and putting those things to good use, think about your overall storage system. Can you find things when you need them? Or are you searching for them in piles of clutter?

If you’re looking for a smarter way to keep yourself better organized and stay on top of that growing pile of stuff, a Cook Portable Warehouse could be the perfect solution for you! Learn more about all our building options by clicking here!

Here are 7 things to repurpose your stuff and turn junk into hidden treasures!

Broken picture frames

Turn a broken picture frame into a jewelry holder but knocking out the back and attach some picture wire across the frame. Then, just add a coat of paint and you’re ready to put it in a bedroom or bathroom or give as a personalized gift!

Old baskets

If you have a large basket lying around that is coming apart or the bottom isn’t strong enough to hold anything substantial, repurpose it to go around an unattractive large trash can or recycling area in your kitchen.

Cracked pots

Use those broken or dirty terra cotta pots as pretty garden markers. Just keep the top frame and write the name of the flower, herb or plant with a sharpie or paint the words on with a stencil.

Your garden will look great and everything will be easy to find. You can also use broken plates for garden edging around larger trees and shrubs.

Unusable umbrellas

When the interior metal pieces break-off from your umbrellas, keep the fabric and make it into a reusable shopping bag. With a little sewing by adding a piece of fabric for the handle, you turned something headed for the trash into a useful item!

Extra bottle caps

If you have a bunch of bottle caps that have been waiting for a project, turn them into tea candles. Just clean the caps with warm water and soap, add a wick and pour in some hot wax.

How do you get the wax you ask? Just melt down those old and broken crayons your kids don’t use anymore. You can also add melted crayons by color to old Mason jars to make larger candles. Here is an easy to do tutorial!

Forgotten jewelry

Turn broken broaches or other jewelry pieces into things to pretty up your home. You can add a magnet to the back with hot glue and use them on your refrigerator or on a bulletin board. Or make the larger pieces into cabinet pulls using strong epoxy glue.

Broken chairs

Use the back of broken chairs to make unique clothes hangers. Remove the top of the back part of the chair and then just screw in the hanger hardware. You will have some specialty hangers for your really important pieces!

Not everything lasts the test of time like a Cook Portable Warehouse! With our solid construction practices and building materials, your Cook shed will be standing for years and years (and years)! Learn more about every component that goes into our buildings by downloading the helpful and FREE resource below!