7 Tips for Proper Motorcycle Storage during Winter

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When winter gets started with those cold temperatures and icy road conditions, the time for long motorcycle rides has come to an end. So it’s important to know that your motorcycle is properly stored, safe and ready to go this spring.

Remember maintaining your motorcycle in the off season is just as important as when you’re riding it! For more daily tips on how to properly maintain your motorcycle, read this post!

A key element of keeping your bike in ready-to-ride condition is having a dependable, secure place to keep it. With a Cook portable building, you get our Smart Roof Design, sidewall construction, high quality door features and durable floor system to ensure your stuff stays in great shape. See all our features here! 

Here are 7 important tips on proper motorcycle storage this winter:

Top off your tank

Add fresh fuel as well as the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer to the tank. Then, turn the motor on and let it run for several minutes to allow the fuel to cycle through the system.

This ensures the gas won’t deteriorate and a thin layer of brown gunk won’t appear on your carburetor during the winter months.


2)  Fill up your fluids

Check and refill your bike’s brake, clutch and coolant fluids, if necessary. Use the correct type and account of fluids according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Or you can just drain the motorcycle’s fluids and refill them before your first springtime ride.

If you live in an area where temperatures are frequently below freezing, it’s also a good idea to check the antifreeze levels and lube up the throttle, kickstand, shifter and clutch cables to prevent moisture accumulation and rust.

3)  Get rid of old oil

Contaminants in old oil can corrode engine parts and seriously damage the internal components of your bike in just a few months. So change the oil and filter plug before storing your bike.

4)  Conserve your battery

Some newer motorcycle models experience slight battery drain when the ignition’s off in order to maintain things like the clock and radio presets.

To avoid this, remove the battery from the bike and trickle charge it during the winter months. Or just store your bike with a fully-charged battery but remember to give it a charge once a month.

5)  Tend to your tires

It’s important to take the weight off your wheels to avoid flat spots or uneven wear. So if possible, store your bike with the tires off the ground.

If that isn’t possible, fill your tires to the maximum recommended volume, put the bike on the center stand and rotate the front tire once a week.

6)  Keep rust off

The metal on your motorcycle will accumulate moisture, which can lead to rust during an extended period of time. First, wash, dry and wax your ride before storing it to prevent possible corrosion. Then, spray the exhaust pipes with WD-40 to keep moisture and rust away.

7)  Pick the right storage option

Because sunlight can damage leather and cause paint to fade, park your motorcycle in a cool, dark corner of your garage or your Cook portable building. A fitted, breathable cover is a great investment to prevent dings and scratches and protect it from dust and grime.

Another great investment is a Cook Portable Warehouse! Our Cook sheds are constructed to last the test of time and protect those valuable possessions stored inside during every season.

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