7 Ways a Portable Warehouse Can Help you Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions


It happens every year. We see everyone around us setting goals and making plans for life improvements.In the midst of all this, it’s not surprising that we begin to make resolutions of our own.

Maybe your resolutions aren’t formally written on an organized checklist, but chances are, there are goals popping into your head this very moment.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to do that, but I’ve never gotten around to it.”  “I really need to make a change. Maybe this is the year!”

There’s no better feeling than setting a goal, working to achieve it, and then finally seeing yourself succeed.  Let Cook Portable Warehouses help you attain that feeling with assistance from a backyard shed!

Here are 7 ways a portable shed can help you keep those New Year’s resolutions:

  • Eliminate Clutter

Are your friends concerned that you’re reaching “hoarder” status? Make a change before it’s too late.  Unclutter your home (garage, basement, attic, yard, etc.) with help from a storage shed! More storage space outside means more living area inside your home. You’ll be amazed how much better it feels to have open areas and clean space.

  • Get Organized

Maybe your home isn’t overly cluttered, but it’s in desperate need of better organization. You’re constantly misplacing items and losing various things. Use a portable shed to get yourself motivated for this organization process. When you have a fresh, clean space that needs filling, you’ll naturally begin arranging your possessions into an effective system. Click here to see 7 tips and tricks for basic storage success!

  • Spend More Time with Family and Friends

These days, it seems like you’re constantly busy with work and other commitments. Yet, the holidays made you realize how much you miss spending time with family and friends. We can’t help you make more time for them, but we can help make the time you share together enjoyable and exciting.

Did you know that there are tons of interesting ways to use a shed? Spend quality time with the kids by converting your shed into a game room or a hobby center. You could also create a man/woman cave for spending time with friends.

  • Start a New Business

You’ve dreamt of being an entrepreneur and starting your own business for years now. This change will mean working for yourself, creating your own hours, and doing what you love most. Don’t let anything stand in the way of that. A portable shed can make the perfect building for starting or expanding your business.  In fact, we’ve spoken with several customers who have taken this route!

  • Get Healthy

Start getting healthier by eating fresh fruits and vegetables grown in your own home garden. Use a garden shed to organize your tools and planting materials. In this space, you’ll also be able to store and clean ripe produce.

  • Get Fit

This is usually on the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. What’s holding you back? Maybe it’s that once you get home from work in the evening, you’re too tired to drive to the gym. Why not bring the gym to you? It’s so easy to turn your backyard shed into a home gym!  Just fill the building with training equipment, and you’re good to go. A portable shed can also make the perfect quiet space for yoga and meditation.

  • Reduce Stress

Accomplishing any of the resolutions above will result in a happier and less stressful life for yourself. Don’t wait; get started today!

To begin achieving your New Year’s resolutions, locate a Cook Portable Warehouses dealer near you!