7 Ways to Make your Garage More Energy Efficient


Is every space in your home as energy efficient as it can be? We provided 5 helpful tips to make your space more energy efficient in this post!

But, what about those areas often ignored, like your garage? Even if your home is warm and comfortable (without costing you a fortune) this winter, you could still be losing money with an energy inefficient garage.

So here are 7 ways to make your garage more energy efficient and save you even more money during those cold months!

Caulk the walls and floor

Use a foam sealant or latex/silicone based caulk to prevent heat from flowing out between your walls and flooring. Then, seal any cracks or breaks in the garage floor with a concrete sealant that will help prevent cold air from getting in and heat from getting out.

Seal all interior and exterior doors

Check for any leaks around the entrance door from the garage to your home. To prevent a loss of hot air, install or repair weather-stripping around the frame, caulk any leaks around the door’s trim or apply a draft stopper to the bottom of the door.

Remember to also insulate your garage door with an insulation kit, which includes insulation, tape and gloves, or even buy a new insulated door, if your budget allows. Check to make sure the rubber strip at the bottom of the garage door sits evenly on the floor. If there is a gap, the door most likely has been knocked out of alignment and will need to be professionally repaired.

Insulate outlets and light switches

Leaks can happen in the smallest of places like around outlets and light switches. Put your hand over to check for a leak. If you find one, add insulation, use outlet and switch foam gaskets to seal or purchase insulated outlet covers.

Switch out the lighting

Replace any light bulbs in your garage with either CFL or LED lights. An LED light bulb uses 12 watts of electricity and a CFL light uses 15 watts to create an equal amount of light as a regular 60 watt bulb. Also, think about exchanging any older windows for Energy Star certified windows.

Insulate garage walls

Roll the correct R-value insulation between joists or push it through a small hole in the drywall. This will help fill your garage’s walls and ceiling and help keep that valuable warm air in!

Think about solar heating

If you really want to make your garage more energy efficient, install solar panels. You will spend a little upfront but in the long run you can avoid using electricity or gas to heat your garage.

Keep your garage organized

If you have too much stuff in your garage in a big clutter mess, you should consider a different storage solution. If you are constantly going in and out from your garage, looking for that one thing you need, you are wasting energy every time the door opens and closes.

A Cook Portable Warehouse can provide extra space that is convenient and can fit right into your budget. Then, your garage can be used to store those things you really need close by like a vehicle or important home supplies.