7 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

Family Cleaning out Garage

When winter weather rolls in, it’s time for homeowners – and shed owners – to start packing away the summer. That means your bags of clothes, gardening tools, half-finished projects and lawn-care equipment need a place to go. But, where?

Garages everywhere are about to be flooded by junk – where does that leave homeowners? Drowning under mountains of ‘stuff,’ that’s where. But Cook doesn’t want that. Here’s a guide on how to maximize your garage space and put your storage back in your hands.


Ask Questions:

First and foremost, to make the most out of your storage space you have to understand your storage needs. Cleaning out your junk is the first step and it all starts with a few questions:

    • Do you still need that old lacrosse gear you’ve been holding onto since the State tournament back in ‘04?
    • When do you plan to actually furnish your home with your Great Aunt Mildred’s corduroy couch?
    • Why has the VHS Player collected an inch-and-a-half of dust where your workbench is supposed to be?


Building Shelving:

After you figure out what you need, then you have to find a place for it all. The simple answer is basic shelving, no matter where it is in the home. Here is a basic guide on putting together a lot of space, quickly and safely. 
When the shelves are built, pack your things into plastic tubs and then pack the plastic tubs onto the shelves. You can stack them, slide them, pack them to the side and – boom! – you just found a spot for your clothes, the VHS player and everything else in between.


Storage Options for Tools

Your tool storage should, of course, save space, but it should also keep your tools easily accessible. Peg boards and slat boards are easy to install and customizable enough for any space. Are you hoping to keep your hammers and screwdrivers and power tools all in one spot? Here is an easy guide on setting up a storage space like this in your own garage – or maybe even your own shed!


Storing Big-Ticket Items
Creating unique hanging storage spaces isn’t just for your handheld tools. What about those big-ticket items that take up a lot of real estate in your garage? Take wheelbarrows for example – simple hanging hooks can be secured to your garage walls, giving you a safe and out-of-the-way solution for a larger item.

Inside the Lofted Garage

Add a Workbench

Workbenches and desks tend to be a sore thumb in your storage spaces. Generally, they’re big, unwieldy and immobile. But do they have to be?

Fold-aways workbenches offer plenty of options and can work well with the rest of your wall-storage options. Need a space to work? Pull the fold up table and get to grinding! Need to park your car? Just fold it out of the way and forget all about it.


Maximizing Your Ceiling Space

You’ve been looking for places to put all your things, but have you looked up lately? Ceiling storage has become a popular and innovative way of keeping your clutter off the floor. Check out this guide on a unique way to store your stuff! From there, all you need to do is break out the plastic tubs and slide that clutter out of the way!

Above Your Garage Door

Similar to ceiling space, the area above a sliding garage door is one of the most under-utilized storage spaces in every home! It’s not easy to get to, but can be a great space for the stuff you don’t exactly need access to regularly. 

Do these tips have you wondering about your own storage needs? Take a look at some of Cook’s options, including this Garage style shed, perfect for almost any home needing extra storage.