9 Family Friendly Activities for Winter


As the temperature continues to drop, we are all more likely to stay bundled up inside our warm and toasty homes. But dreary winter weather doesn’t mean your family can’t have fun inside and outside your house!

But if you are worried about needing extra space for all those supplies and equipment, a Cook building could be the right choice for your family’s needs. So here are 9 fun things for you and your family to do together this winter!

1)  Get crafty

While the weather is no fun outside, stay inside with the kiddos and do some fun crafts. Some ideas include cutting out winter items and stringing them up with yarn, creating paper snowflakes with glitter or building a one-of-a-kind sock puppet with felt and googly eyes. Or have kids color on the back of wrapping paper and use it to wrap special presents. The options are endless!

2)  Make delicious winter goodies

What’s more fun that working together in the kitchen, baking and decorating during the winter season? Make a gingerbread house, popcorn balls or just grab the sprinkles and icing to decorate some sugar cookies. Beautifully decorated cookies in colorful cellophane wrap with pretty ribbon are a great gift for kids’ teachers, the babysitter, neighbors and more!

3)  Go on a winter scavenger hunt

A winter scavenger hunt is the perfect way to erase those feelings of cabin fever. So make a list of objects and observations for kids to find in the yard, like a certain shaped cloud, berries, icicles, something red or green, etc. Get fun holiday stickers or treats as a reward to the winners!

4)  Have a family bonfire

The days will start getting longer in mid-December so celebrate with a fun family or neighborhood bonfire. Bring out the musical instruments and some yummy s’mores. Or just grab a flannel blanket with some hot soup or cocoa and have an outdoor picnic.

5)  Make a snow angel

If it does snow in your area, take advantage of it by having your kids bundle up and make snow angels. Decorate snow angels with old clothes and use food coloring to make their faces.

6)  Bring the summer back

Get those beach pails and shovels that are stored conveniently in your Cook shed and use them to build some snowy castles or a snowman adorned with sunglasses and a summer cap! Another fun way to handle all that snow is by adding some food coloring to water in a spray bottle and painting your yard.

7)  Feed your feathered friends

Kids love animals, so get their help making a simple pinecone bird feeder. Tie ribbon or yarn to the top of a pinecone and make a loop to hang in a tree. Spread peanut butter inside the pinecone and then roll it in bird seed until it is well coated.

8)  Declutter just one spot

With all that available time spent inside your house, sort through your kids’ toy collections. Give your child a set number of used or old toys to put in the giveaway box. Then, bring those things to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or organization like Toys for Tots.

Or just tackle one corner or closet of your children’s bedroom or playroom and make it easier for kids to stay organized throughout the year with labeled bins. For older kids, just add a hamper so they can gradually toss in clothes that don’t fit anymore.

9)  Try out a winter sport

Bundle up, get active and try a new sport like ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing or ice fishing. Cold weather shouldn’t be an excuse for not getting outside and exercising. And you can always reward yourself afterwards with some hot chocolate!

All your seasonal sports equipment will fit perfectly in a Cook building. Then, whenever you decide to get active that stuff will be right in your backyard. To see if a Cook Portable Warehouse fits into your circumstances, click our location guide below!