9 Ways to Maximize the Space you Have at Home


Having the right amount of space in your home for your family’s needs and to hold all your stuff comfortably is essential to enjoying time spend inside. Just like with your storage shed, you might have outgrown your current space and are looking for solutions.

One is to move to a new larger home or trade-up to a larger Cook storage shed with our flexible program. We explored some helpful tips for selling your home in this blog post.

Another solution is to use the space you have in the most creative and functional way possible. Here are 9 tips to make the most of the space your family has now! Looking for more tips? Here are 7 more ways to create additional space in your home!


Combine and purge duplicates

Of course we all know the first step to having more space is getting rid of the stuff we don’t need any more. Group similar items together so you can see what you have too many of and want can be discarded. 

Don’t start purchasing any organizing supplies (bins, boxes, shelves, etc.) until you know exactly what you have and what needs to be stored. 

Use mirrors and glass 

Including hanging mirrors and glass top tables into your decor scheme creates reflections, allowing the light to bounce around, making the room feel larger. Invest in a glass top coffee or dining table, a stand-up mirror or put hanging art into glass frames.

Reconsider window coverings

If your windows have curtains, make sure they don’t obscure the window when they are open. Hanging curtains inside the frame makes the room darker and feel smaller. Another alternative is hanging curtains from the ceiling to add height to the space.

Think vertically

It’s important not to waste the vertical space you have. Including hanging shelves, art pieces or tall pieces of furniture draws the eye upward, making the space feel bigger.

Rethink furniture choices

Just because a room is on the small side, doesn’t mean you can’t utilize larger pieces of furniture. Sometimes a sectional sofa looks better in a small space, then several smaller items. Just remember to keep furniture choices in proportion to each other.

Utilize kitchen cabinets

You can use kitchen cabinets or cupboards as more than just basic storage space. Light-colored cabinets brighter up a room and don’t forget about the inside of cupboard doors to keep smaller items, like cleaning supplies on wire shelves.

Invest in a paper shredder

One of the best ways to stay on top of all those papers that clutter up a home office or even living space is with a shredder. Then, you can stay on top of paperwork and add greater security to identity protection.

Focus on bathrooms

The bathrooms are often one of the smallest and most cramped spaces in our homes. The most important thing is using every storage space possible, under the sink and with hanging shelves on walls. Also, shower doors tend to make rooms feel smaller, so opt for a shower curtain instead.

Feature wallpaper in hallways/closets

Use wallpaper in narrow hallways and closets to make the eye focus on width rather than length. But don’t pick any bright colors or high-contrast patterns, instead opt for subdued tones.

A Cook Portable Warehouse is another great way to reduce the stuff in a small house. Our buildings are durable, mobile and built to last. Download our FREE resource below to learn more about buying one of our sheds.