9 Ways to Save Money in your Home this Spring


The nicer weather outside means spring and summer activities, sports and vacations are coming up! So you will need a little extra money in your pocket for all those fun things!

Well, while spring cleaning isn’t our favorite part of the season, it does provide an opportunity to find wasted money around your home.

With a couple tweaks or additions to your yearly cleaning routine, you can find savings in places you didn’t expect! Here are 9 ideas of ways to cut your energy, cooling and water bills down this spring!

  1. Clean your air conditioning window units by removing the front grill and air filter and cleaning any dust or dirt. This helps the unit work at the optimal level, better keeping your family cool. Routine changing of air filters (2-4 times per year) can net you 10-15 percent in energy savings.
  2. Caulk any gaps around windows or doors that are larger than the size of a nickel. Don’t forget to check the window-glazing putty too, which seals glass into the window frame. If you haven’t already, add weatherstripping around doors, so you can’t see daylight from inside your home. And check to see if the tracks on your sliding doors are clean so gaps aren’t created.
  3. Gutter cleaning to remove all the leaves, sticks and everything that has accumulated over the winter months, is essential during the early spring months. Cleaning out gutters before those April showers hit will prevent possible overflowing later.
  4. The cleaner your windows are the more light will shine into your home. Before you wash your windows, clean out the sills and window tracks with a soft brush or vacuum attachment. Brighten up your home without having to turn on a bunch of lights. But don’t forget to dust light bulbs too!
  5. If you have an irrigation system, you could be overwatering and throwing away money on water bills because of a broken or leaky component. Request an irrigation audit to find out all the ways you can save money in your yard.
  6. Save on additional water costs by installing a rain barrel now to hydrate your garden during those brutal summer months. Choose a downspout near your planting area, level the area with a cinder-block foundation and elevate it between 8-15 inches to help with drainage.
  7. Use your vacuum to clean out the dust trap in your dryer, clean fan blades and the coils behind your refrigerator. Vacuuming these coils routinely eliminates about 70 percent of refrigerator service calls and helps it work more efficiently.
  8. Cleaning the inside your dishwasher will save energy and water in the pre-soaking and rinsing process. Just use vinegar and water, clear out any debris with a toothbrush and check the door seals.
  9. With a relatively small upfront investment, you can save about $180 per year on your cooling and heating bills with a programmable thermostat. You might have to deal with higher indoor temperatures in the hottest summer months, but adding a ceiling fan can help cool your home. Use the hold or vacation feature to maintain a constant, efficient temperature when your family is not at home.

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