How to Fix Up Your Empty Nest


When your kids have grown and left home, you may be faced with mixed emotions. Excitement for where life is leading them, but also feeling as if your house is a little empty. So, what do you do now? For starters, we recommend renovating that empty nest!

Let’s talk about how to fix up your empty nest and how a Cook shed could be exactly what you’ve been needing! 

Changing up your home will provide a distraction from the big changes in your life and can result in a beautiful, new living or hobby area. 

  • Think of the possibilities. How will you take advantage of this extra space? Did you realize that even though they’ve moved out, you’re still wanting that room as a place for them to come home to? Granted you’ll have more room for your own things now, but this is where a portable building makes a great asset. You’ll be able to either store what you need to, or perhaps you’ll even make room for what you’ve been dreaming about for years. Are you wanting a home office, an exercise room, a hobby room, or a guest room? With Cook Portable Warehouses the opportunities are endless! You may need to keep their room set up for visits and holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a special space that is strictly for your interests.

  • Start decluttering. If large furniture is involved, it may be easier to tag these pieces with color-coded stickers rather than shifting it all around too much. Sort items into the following categories with their designated color-coded sticker. 
    • Keep in the house (blue) Note:There will always be items you’ll want to keep. While you could choose to put these pieces in a storage unit, you may find that owning a portable shed is actually a much wiser investment. Click here to see why!
    • Place in storage (red)
    • Sell for extra cash (green)
    • Donate to local charities (yellow)
    • Throw away (orange) Note: You might want to double check with your kids to make sure there’s nothing of sentimental value that you’re wanting to get rid of. The key is getting them to take it with them instead of leaving it in your home. 

  • When the clutter is gone, you can begin the fun part – decorating! You can decorate however you like! Haven’t you been wanting that for a while? Whether you’re decorating your new shed, your guest bedroom, or both, remember the decluttering step is not one to skip! Here are a few things to consider as you decorate your portable building: 
    • Do you need electricity? Remember to hire an electrician as this needs to be handled by a professional. 
    • Whether you’re creating a home office, craft room or workshop, think about your workflow as you set up the room. Read more here! 
    • How can you incorporate your shed into your landscape? Add a walkway or path, add outdoor seating next to your shed, and add solar lighting. Here are some frugal ideas to try out that you can find at yard sales. 
    • Add a welcome sign! But get creative with it! 

Once you have a shed of your own, we guarantee you’ll have no trouble filling it whether from storage or as an extension of your home. Locate a Cook Portable Warehouses dealer near you to see our shed possibilities in person!  And check out our free Declutter Challenge below!