An Ode to Space Gone “Bye”

Guy Tired of Not Having Enough Space


I’ve written in memory of space gone “bye”. 


I haven’t seen any in a long time. Have you? 




You see, I have to keep my grown kids’ sports trophies, 


my grandkids’ toys, 


my old furniture and decorations,


“Just in case someone needs it.” Hmph. 


My closet space? Oh, that’s my wife’s shoe collection. 


Just a sprinkle of shirts and pants of my own.


Every closet is full. The garage is full. Every space under every bed is…


…you guessed it…full. 


Do I know where anything is? 


No. No, I can’t say that I do. 


Do I know everything we have in the house? 


I thought I did, until I discovered an old aquarium in the very back of the food pantry.


I honestly don’t remember our kids ever having fish!  


But then, there it was. A glimmer. 


A glimmer of space. A glimmer of hope. 


A glorious 12 inches on the back shelf of the closet. 


A golden halo settled around it. An entire foot of space to do with what I wanted. My small toolbox could fit there. Or, my power drill.


As I pondered, a shadow appeared…it grew larger. It was blocking out all the light! 


A crockpot came into focus. It fit perfectly. 


The halo disappeared. 




Back to zero space, my patience boiling over. 


I need room for my stuff! 


(Ok, let’s be real, I need room for my wife’s stuff, my kids’ stuff, my grandkids’ stuff, my parent’s stuff and even at times my neighbor’s stuff)















Can you relate? 

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