Convert your Cook Shed into a Tiny Home

One of the biggest trends in home buying and ownership are tiny homes. These small, more economical spaces allow couples or families to reduce their possessions and monthly living costs and increase efficiency, while cutting their carbon footprint.

You might have seen it on television on shows like Tiny House Hunters or Tiny House Nation, but don’t think a tiny home is right for you. Well think again!

You don’t necessarily have to start purging your stuff now and preparing to move. Have you considered converting your existing shed into a tiny home or other supplemental living space?

Several of our Cook Portable Warehouse building styles such as the Lofted Barn or the Lofted Garage provide plenty of room for a living space. Here is what you should know about converting your Cook shed into an ideal tiny home.

Convert Your Shed Into a Tiny Home + Cook Portable Warehouses

Important things to consider about tiny home ownership:

Think about your family’s lifestyle

Tiny home ownership is the right fit for some and not right for others. Before making any big decisions, it’s important to consider your family’s current lifestyle, size, and future plans before choosing a tiny home.

A good rule of thumb is you will need at minimum of 100 square feet per person. And don’t forget to factor in space for pets. It’s also important to consider which spaces your family uses most often versus rooms that are currently underutilized.

Try before you buy

This is easy with your Cook Portable Warehouse because you can try out a smaller space without committing to purchasing a tiny home. Or you could experiment by renting a vacation cabin, going camping, or living in just a few rooms of your home.

Don’t forget about outdoor space

Because space inside is limited, it’s important to make the most of the exterior space around the structure. Things like porches and decks will really make your shed feel like a tiny home or an extension of your home, situated right in your backyard.

Advantages of a tiny home include

Lower cost

By utilizing tiny home living, your home costs (including heating, cooling, water, and more) will be much lower compared with paying for extra space. By reducing space, you will be increasing efficiency.

Purchasing options

By choosing a Cook Portable Warehouse as a tiny home or additional living space, you get added value, by paying off the structure one month at a time with the Rent to Own program. With this program, you can get the building of your dreams, any size and any style.

Move-in ready

With the high quality sheds constructed by Cook Portable Warehouses, once your building is delivered, you can move right in. You don’t have to worry about house hunting or adding those extra touches.

Some basic design tips include selecting light colors on the walls, choosing wooden surfaces and floors, and utilizing sound absorbing surfaces like rugs and curtains.

If you already have a tiny home, read these storage tips for making the most of your condensed space. And here are some other frequently asked questions about tiny house ownership.

To learn more about your new tiny home, download the free resource from Cook Portable Warehouses below.