Cook Offers New 60 Month Rent to Own Program

Cook_Offers_New_60 Month_Rent_to_Own_Program_Cook_Portable_Warehouses

At Cook, we are constantly tweaking the building styles and features we offer according to requests we hear from our customers.

But that’s not all, we also frequently add to our list of buying programs to increase the flexibility and get every customer the Cook building of their dreams.

In 2016, Cook has added another option to our Rent to Own program.  You the customer asked for it and we listened!

Now, we offer a 60-month financing option through the Rent to Own program on all Cook Portable Warehouse building styles and sizes.

Choosing the 60-month option means a lower monthly payment for Cook customers. And we still offer the Rent to Own program with the 36 and 48 month financing options as well.

So why choose one of our 3 purchasing plans through Rent to Own? Here are 3 reasons why the Cook Rent to Own program is the best deal on the market!

It makes financial sense

More than three-fourths of Cook customers buy their buildings through our Rent to Own program. It allows anyone who needs extra storage immediately to get it then and spread the payments over 3-5 years.

The new 60-month financing option functions like the 36 and 48 month plans and allocates a portion of the monthly payments to the lease of the shed. Then the remainder is applied to the purchase balance.

These low monthly rates are equal or close to the fees for a similar size storage unit per square foot. The difference is after your Cook warehouse is paid off, it’s yours and there are no additional monthly payments unlike renting with a storage unit.

There is no obligation

Whether you sign-up for a 36, 48 or 60 month financing plan there is no obligation to keep the building. Or you can pay off the buildings completely whenever you can.

We will never penalize our customers who are able to pay off their shed earlier than expected. Conversely, if you storage needs changes and you no longer need extra room for your stuff, we will come pick up your shed, no questions asked!

Our Rent to Own program works along with our Trade Up program, so if at any time during your lease you decide you need more space, we’ve got you covered! We will deliver a larger shed right to you and apply the existing payments toward the cost of the new building.

The same Cook quality

Any shed purchased through the Rent to Own program is constructed with the same high quality materials and uncompromising construction standards as any of our Cook buildings.

Every Cook warehouse also comes with the same warranties including a 5-year labor and materials warranty and a lifetime warranty on all pressure treated components.

Whether you can afford to purchase you building outright or need to spread the payments over up to 5 years, you can be sure your Cook shed will remain standing strong.

For more information about the Cook Rent to Own program, read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this purchasing program!

Or download our free resource on other things you might not know about our Rent to Own program by clicking the button below!