Cook Sheds: A Great Place to Create

When was the last time you created something with your hands? Whether you work at an office all day or hit the pavement everyday selling your product, Mike Otis suggests you take the time to use your hands and create.

Otis has been a salesman for more than 25 years, and now is a Cook Dealer in Alton, IL, where he does much more than selling sheds. For some of his customers, he creates personalized, unique, pyrography, or wood-burned artwork.

Mike Otis of Cook Portable Warehouses in Alton, IL

He tried to use wood burning tools, but after too many burnt fingers, he went back to the old school way: using the sun.  Otis will freehand whatever idea comes to mind for each of his pieces. He doesn’t use a template, just his imagination, skill, a magnifying glass and sunlight.

He first fell in love with creating art as a kid, learning how to draw Fred Flintstone. He then excelled, and worked in graphic design for many years.

“If I don’t color, draw or paint, I go nuts. I have to make things,” he said, “It keeps the mind active.” He loves to make his wood art, or refurbish odd finds.  His dream retirement one day is to be on the beach with his wife of 24 years and be, “that old guy with his metal detector” hunting in the sands.   

He’s created pieces for clients who are using their sheds for more than just storage. Because, as Otis has come to find, Cook sheds are sturdy enough and versatile enough to be used for a variety of purposes.  

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“It’s always exciting when they do something else with it besides for their storage,” he said.  He just finished a piece for a Vapor Shop who purchased one of his larger sheds.

He says he’s made signs for she sheds, man caves and garden sheds.  

Each piece takes him around 25 hours to create. So between customers and lot maintenance, you may find him on his porch working on his next project!

Many of his referrals come from not just shed customers, but from customers who have also purchased his artwork. He’s been selling Cook portable buildings for more than 5 years and believes in what he sells.Cook Sheds: A Great Place to Create

“I don’t have to worry about selling this product. It’s not always the cheapest but it is the best,” he said.  When a new customer comes on his lot he doesn’t have the mindset of an aggressive salesman. He just sees it as his duty to help you buy the best, so you don’t have any problems down the road.  “I don’t want anyone to give me the evil eye, so I keep selling the products I’m proud of.”

And that’s why Cook Portable Warehouses takes such pride in the products they create and the company they run.  Learn more about the Cook difference.

You may want to use your shed for a hobby or your business. No matter what your need is, Mike Otis of Cook Portable Warehouses of Alton, Il will be glad to help you! Or, find a dealer near you! 

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