Could Your Organization Benefit from Owning a Portable Warehouse? 7 Creative Group Uses for Portable Buildings


You’ve already seen how individuals can benefit from having a portable shed. What about groups of people, though?

We’ve listed numerous ways for storage buildings to become more than just, well, storage buildings!  (You can find those examples here and here.) Now, we’re wondering how organizations can benefit from owning a portable building. Luckily, we’ve found several examples.

  • Offices

Just as individuals tend to hold on to old things, so too do businesses. What about that old typewriter and those outdated computers? You know you’ll probably never use them again, but you also don’t want to get rid of them. Sometimes, it almost seems easier just to stash these items away and not worry with them now.

  • Schools

Whether it’s an elementary school or a university, schools always have a need for extra storage. Think of all those filing cabinets packed with student paperwork. Imagine how much more room there would be inside your facility if you found a new home for these old files.

  • Parks

Maintaining the grounds at a park is no easy task. It takes a lot of specialized lawn care and gardening equipment. Having a nice, secure building on the park grounds would make storage and accessibility of these items a breeze!

  • Concession Stands

Going to a baseball or football game just isn’t the same without a trip to the concession stand. Who says those stands have to be boring? Portable sheds provide a roomy and attractive alternative to the typical refreshment hub. Best of all, they’re portable!

  • Gated Communities

Gated communities usually call for a patrol person on duty. Don’t devalue the area’s homes by placing an unattractive guard house out in the front. Portable sheds make excellent guard shacks. They’re stylish, secure, and comfortable for whoever’s on patrol!

  • Donation Centers

It’s easy to see why donation centers could benefit from a portable building. What happens when your current facility gets too full? You’re not going to stop taking donations. You’ve got to find an alternate place to put those excess items. Facilities that accept clothing donations could also use this shed to store out-of-season items.

  • Animal Shelters

Think of everything required to care for a dog or cat. Now, consider being responsible for approximately 20 of each species. It would take mounds of food, plenty of bowls, lots of leashes and collars, kitty litter, shampoos, and so on. When you’re able to store all of these supplies in a portable warehouse, you have more space to dedicate to the animals.

The list goes on and on.  At Cook Portable Warehouses, we’re convinced that every organization could find use for one of these buildings! Grab our free Buying Guide below to see how fast and easy the process is!