Creative and Cheap Summer Activities for Families


The summer season brings a lot of free time for kids and a lot of anxiety for parents to figure out how to fill up that time. And sometimes these activities can hit the pocketbook at little too hard.

So we have put together a list of free or inexpensive family friendly activities to help keep your kids occupied and keep those hard earned bucks in your pocket.

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Play card or board games

Every family has a collection of recent or more retro board games that mostly sit of a shelf or in a closet. Introduce your kids to some of your favorite games and have a family game night. Or grab a deck of cards or make-up some creative trivia questions.

Share a favorite hobby or craft

Whatever your favorite craft or hobby, introduce it to your kids. In can be anything from a beloved collection, to scrapbooking your memories, reading a favorite series and much more! Or if your kids are interested in something completely new, do some research and learn it together. And a Cook shed makes a great craft studio, read this post to learn more!

See cheap kids’ movies

Several movie theater chains nationwide (Regal, Cinemark, Cobb, Harkins) offer cheaper movie options for kid’s films on weekday mornings during the summer. For just a couple dollars, you can enjoy an air conditioned theater and new flick. And many cities and towns offer free outdoor film screenings or festivals.

Attend a free concert

Most cities host free summer concerts in the park of other outdoor venue. This is a great way to introduce your kids to live music without spending a ton of money on tickets.

Go bowling

Some lanes nationwide offer free bowling for kids in summer through the Kids Bowl Free program. Most places allow 2 games per day for families but these rules vary according to location. Shoe rental is typically an extra cost.

Take up a sport as a family

Take up a sport as a family like hiking, biking, golf, etc. It will help keep kids engaged and busy, help everyone stay fit and encourage valuable family time.

Teach your kids to cook

Summer is a great time to teach kids those valuable skills that they will need in the future. A big one is cooking! Not only will it help teach them basic math skills but it will also show them how eating healthy, home cooked meals is always the best alternative. Another example is gardening. Give your kids a small plot of their own to learn on.

Visit free attractions

A lot of the smaller attractions and museums around your town most likely are relatively inexpensive or free for kids. Your local library also offers many free activities and events geared toward kids like storytelling hour, craft or movie time and reading corner.

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