Creative Small Business Uses for your Cook Shed


The growing trend with portable backyard storage buildings is using them for more than just a place for your extra stuff.

Not that a Cook shed isn’t a sturdy, durable place to keep everything you don’t have room for inside your home, garage or property. You can keep anything and everything from antiques, to extra furniture and even vehicles in your Cook Portable Warehouse.

But, our customers are also using their Cook buildings in other ways too! For example, a Cook shed can become the room you don’t have the space for inside your home or can become your entire house by embracing the Tiny Home trend.

But, why stop at residential uses for your Cook Portable Warehouse! Small businesses have also found unique and creative ways to utilize their Cook space as well!

If you are looking for more storage tips for your small business, read this post! And, here are 5 of our favorite examples of small business uses for a Cook shed!


  1. One of our customers turned his Cook building into a barbershop. All you need are some comfortable chairs, mounted mirrors on the walls and to stock up on hair supplies like scissors, blow dryers, curling irons, combs, etc.

    Think about the convenience of having your barber right in your neighborhood and being able to stop by his/her house and get a haircut after work!

  1. Another forward thinking Cook customer turned her shed into a miniature bakery and a place for her to bake, frost and decorate her beautiful cakes!

    Although installing the kitchen appliances wouldn’t be simple, having a place separate from the family kitchen would reduce clutter and stress. Trust us, you will have the most popular shed on the block!

  2. Or you could use your Cook shed as a clothing boutique like one Cook customer in Georgia did. By adding some standing clothing racks, simple furniture pieces to display accessories and colorful interior decor, she created a shopper’s paradise!

    With the new trend of clothing boutiques on wheels, why not cut out the cost of gasoline and make your boutique stationary with a Cook shed!

  3. A local church purchased one of our Cook buildings and made it into a gathering area for the church’s groups. Having a separate place right next to the main facility is beneficial for large organizations and churches who need more space or are looking to expand.
  4. If you have a green thumb, turn your Cook building into your own personal nursery. Then, friends and neighbors can stock up on their spring plants and flowers with you.

Making your own miniature greenhouse is simpler than you might think, just consider the temperature control and light sources. Read more about creating the the best greenhouse and earning some extra green in this post!

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