Creative Storage Tips for your Tiny Home


A big and growing trend in home ownership is the idea of tiny homes. These residential spaces are meant to disprove the idea that “bigger is always better” when it comes to home ownership. Tiny homes are just meant to provide the essential space that people or families need without extra room that could get cluttered up.

This new movement is about living more simply, cleanly and being more environmental friendly. So, for people living in a small houses or apartments or a tiny home, space is really at a premium. You have to be smart about your storage solutions.So here are 5 of our favorite ideas!

Another smart idea if your family is interested in joining the tiny homes trend is to keep your home simple and clutter free and use your Cook Portable Warehouse as the place to keep all those things that don’t fit like seasonal decor, sporting equipment and other larger items.

Combine lounging and storage

A house isn’t a house with a place to relax, lounge and enjoy time with family and friends. So why not combine storage space with this comfy must! Hide your storage essentials under couches, benches, futons, etc.

There are tons of creative ways to do this but a few of our recommendations include side drawers, pull out baskets and shelves. Each of these can be customized to fit the decor, style and theme of your home. Another creative place to hide your storage is under the stairs! Think of the space that is typically wasted under there.

Hide the washer

Having a washer and dryer is a must for many families but it’s hard to find space for large appliances in smaller floorplans. So, why not hide a miniature washer under open counter space and cover it with normal cabinetry doors? Then, you are using space that has already been earmarked as storage.

The dryer is less essential because clothes and other fabrics can always be air dried. You can install a built-in drying rack that folds out from the wall for added space savings.

Choose shallow storage options

Instead of having one large, deep pantry that holds all your food items, baking supplies, pots, pans and everything else, choose several storage options that are more shallow and much more useful.

Then, everything you need from spices to utensils is right at your fingertips. Get creative with how you choose to cover these spaces with a sliding door or curtain.

Conceal the trash can/compost bin

Accumulating trash is just a part of life and things like packaging, food, paper, etc. are going to pile up. But if you are in a tiny home or just a small house, having a large kitchen trash bin taking up valuable floor space isn’t ideal.

So try to hide smaller sized trash bins/containers for recycling inside a cabinet and have a container for leftover food products built in to your countertop. This will make it simple and easy to be environmentally friendly while cooking a delicious meal!

Select furniture with many uses

Making use of less space is all about getting the most value out of the things that you have. So pick pieces that have at least more than one purpose and can be transformed easily. For example, a coffee table that can become a dining room table or a bed that is also a chest of drawers.

This versatility is key when making chooses for your tiny home.  And for all your storage needs, a Cook shed is a durable, movable and versatile piece to have on-site.  To learn more about Cook buildings, download our free Fitting Guide below!