Easy Ways to Make Organizing your Home More Fun


Organizing your home is just one of those countless things like cleaning the bathroom, weeding the flower beds or changing out your closets seasonally that tend to get lost in the shuffle. With busy work weeks and weekends full of family activities and hopefully some fun stuff too, organization is the last thing on our minds!

But if you could inject a little fun into the organization process, it might not be too bad. So here are some ideas from Cook to add fun twists to organizing your home and shed and making things easier on you!

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Adjust solutions to your lifestyle

New storage systems are easier if they adapt to your family’s current schedule or habits rather than vise versa. For example, if family members are dropping their keys, wallets and other items on a table by the front door or on the kitchen counter, add a divided tray with labels for any item.

Divide up your pantry

Divide your pantry up according to either cooking or meal categories like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simplify making lunches in the mornings by having a basket with bags, twist ties and other supplies ready to go!

Other organizational items like wire shelf dividers, undermount shelves and lazy Susans are also key to have on hand for the pantry. Use clear jars to store snacks and dry goods, so you can easily keep up with how much of everything you have!

Organize entertainment options

It’s great to have those things that make your house a home, like books, games, etc. around but the key is moderation. Occasionally go through all the books on your shelves and tables and weed out the ones you are done reading. Store them in a closet, give to a friend or even better donate them!

Place books both horizontally and vertically on shelves and add other decorative items to make your rooms look more visually appealing. Use a small mobile cart for all your games and puzzles and organize small pieces with clear plastic containers.

Think outside the box

When working on the no-fun task of setting up a home work space, get creative with spaces for your office supplies. Use decorative holders like muffin tins, Mason jars or even cover old paint cans with scrapbook paper to hold larger items.

Use baskets for important paperwork and bills and divide them by date. Then, store larger items in wicker trunks or older suitcases in a closet or underneath your desk.

Spruce up your shed

The easiest way to transform your shed into a more usable space is with sheets of pegboard, hanging shelves and hooks. Then, you can move tools according to need and place the most frequently used tools closet to the doors.

You can hang any tools from power tools to hand tools to hoses, paintbrushes and much more on a pegboard. Or use overhead space to hang items like ladders and sports equipment. Smaller items like screws, nails, seed packets, etc., should be stored in jars so they won’t get lost.

There are a million ways to make your Cook shed your own and many of them are easy and inexpensive! Learn more by downloading the easy and FREE organization guide from Cook below!