Essential Tools that Every Homeowner Should Have


There are those basic tools that should be in every garage or Cook shed. These staples are important to have around in case of emergency or just for those daily household tasks that seem to come up all the time!

Most of these items your family might already have on hand. But, before winter weather hits is a good time to find these things, check to make sure they are in working order, have fresh batteries and are in an easy to find location.

So, here is our go-to tool guide for your home! And, for more tips on how to store your tool collection, read this blog post!

  • Bubble Level– This tool helps determine if items like art or cabinets are hung perfectly straight.
  • C-Clamp- This instrument holds pieces of wood, metal or plastic together when you need to glue, saw or file them for projects. Remember, to use a thin shim between the clamp and the object, so it doesn’t damage the surface.
  • Combination Square- This multi-use device can verify both 45- and 90-degree angles for miter cuts, measure depths and short distances, and is great for scribing a straight line.
  • Cordless Drill- Having the option of a cordless drill is a great time saver compared to manual tools. Use it for tasks like loosening or repairing kitchen cabinets or door hinges. Just make sure it stays charged up.
  • Crescent Wrench– This adjustable gizmo comes in handy for any and all household repairs like tightening pipes and stopping leaks.
  • Flashlight- In the case of winter storms and potential loss of electricity, having a battery powered source of light is essential to staying safe.
  • Hammer- There is always a need for a hammer around your home, garage or shed. Whether you are just getting rid of a stray nail, fixing a furniture leg or building a birdhouse, the uses are countless.
  • Handsaw- Keep a small manual handsaw in case you have to complete minor tasks like cutting wood, trimming branches or evening out wooden boards for a project.
  • Pipe Snake– This winding metal cord fits into pipes to help remove clogs in kitchen or bathrooms sinks.
  • Pliers– A good pair of pliers can be used to grab and loosen those small items like nails, screws or bolts.
  • Putty Knife- A putty knife is great for scraping off dried glue and paint and for spreading putty and spackle. Invest in a 1 and a half inch size for scraping and a 5 or 6 inch one for spreading.
  • Screwdriver– Make sure you have both the Phillips and Flathead varieties for tasks that require different sizes or types of screws. Screwdrivers come in handy when changing batteries, tightening hinges and much more.
  • Stud Finder- This small device finds studs in the beams within your walls. This is important to have when you are hanging art or putting up bookshelves.
  • Tape Measure– Everyone needs something that can measure a variety of spaces and items for household work like painting or do-it-yourself projects like building a work table.
  • Utility Knife– This tool comes in handy when cutting down items like cardboard boxes, rope and other things around your home or yard.
  • Wire Stripper- This tool has a blade for cutting wire to the proper length and several notches for scoring the insulation around wires of different sizes.

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