Fall Storage Tips for your Outdoor Summer Accessories


Everyone needs to have secure storage space for those things that we get tons of use out of in the fun spring and summer months. You want to make sure all those items are still looking great when those seasons come again next year!

A Cook Portable Warehouse withstands every type of weather and will be standing strong when you need it. Just listen to Cook customer Dorothy Baldwin.

Although it might be a little sad to think about putting away all those gardening tools, outdoor entertaining supplies and fun sports equipment, you want to get the task done before it gets too cold!

So take a break from that your football Sunday, that hayride or corn maze and enjoying that delicious pumpkin beer, and use these fall storage planning tips!

Patio furniture

You shouldn’t keep furniture or decor items that are made of wicker, wood or glass outside and exposed to the elements. So gather together any tables, chairs, hammocks, loveseats, etc.

Then, clean and dry all wood or iron pieces and fabrics to prevent mold growth and use the correct wax or sealant to keep things looking new. Finally, if you haven’t invested in furniture covers they are a great, low-cost way to keep dust and grime away from surfaces.

Gardening supplies

In the colder months the chances are you won’t be getting out in the garden very often, so those supplies don’t need to be at the tip of your fingertips. Before storing, apply a protective coat to all surfaces, sand wooden handles and sharp any metal edges.

Then, when you get out those shovels, rakes, flower pots, trowels, etc. they will be ready to use and damage-free. Get a large storage cabinet to keep all your gardening stuff in one place and make sure smaller tools are in an easy-to-find location.

Don’t forget about your garden hose. Unhook it from the outdoor connection to prevent freezing. A good place to store it and keep it untangled is in a metal washtub or clay pot.

Sports equipment

Use a large spare trash can to store sports supplies like bats, rackets and sticks. This will keep them dry and stop items from getting lost throughout the off-season.

Prior to storage, get the laces on all sports shoes tightened and the leather on baseball mitts treated. For spikes, clean them out completely with a toothbrush or other small tool before treating them with leather cleaner and storing in a breathable bag.

A large net bag is a great and space-saving place to keep all different types of sports balls. You can use vertical space by hanging it on the wall to prevent balls from rolling around your shed floor.


One good thing about the fall and winter months is no more mowing the lawn for a while. Before putting it away, drain the gas tank or add a fuel stabilizer to the existing fuel. Remember, gasoline shouldn’t sit idle in storage for longer than 3 months. It’s also good practice to remove the spark plugs and oil the hole.

It’s important to have the right space for all those large items like your lawnmower, grill, etc to keep your expensive investments in tip-top condition. Learn more about how a Cook shed could be the perfect fit for you by downloading our Free Fitting Guide below!