Four Space Saving Tips for Your New Tiny Home

Oftentimes the size of a home is decided by the number of family members or the amount of stuff you have to store.

But, if your family has decided you don’t need more home and actually want to reduce the amount of space you have to pay for, clean and fill with stuff, think about joining the Tiny House movement.

By utilizing a smart use of space, you can have everything you need in one compact space without all the extra hassle. But living the Tiny House lifestyle isn’t always easy. But with these space saving hacks, it can be simpler than you think. And for more creative storage tips, read this blog post!

Don’t forget you can easily turn your Cook Portable Warehouse into any size Tiny Home. From more compact space-saving models like the Garden Shed to the larger lofted building styles, we have it all! And don’t miss these must read articles about shed ownership.

Here are 4 of our favorite spacing saving tips for your new Tiny Home.

Space Saving Design Tips for Your New Tiny Home + Cook Portable Warehouses

Use wall space efficiently

When you’re limited by the amount of square footage, it’s important to use the vertical wall space you have in the smartest possible way. Your walls play a vital role in the efficiency of your space.

For example, think about the kitchen, where you can hang pots, pans, and utensils on the walls, instead of having them clutter up your countertops or drawers. Make every wall into another space to store items with smart, thin shelving.

Choose high ceilings, windows

Just like wall space, ceilings are an invaluable space in your Tiny Home. Think about choosing a space with a loft or other elevated ceilings. If you want to turn your Cook shed into a Tiny Home, choose the Lofted Garage or Lofted Barn style.

Another trick is to select furniture that sits low to the ground to make the space feel bigger and gives you more room on your walls or ceiling. Choose big windows for your wall space to help bring in extra natural light.

Make your compact home feel bigger

Paint surfaces in light colors to make the space feel roomier. Although the floors and exterior of your space can be in darker shades, the rest of the space should be painted in white, cream, and other light colors.

Another important design tip is to add strategically placed mirrors. These help reflect light and give the room a larger appearance.

Make every space multipurpose

With Tiny Homes, every space has to be multipurpose to maximize the limited room available. Every space should do more than one job.

For example, your couch can become a bed, your table can flip into the wall and provide more space, or your guest bed can be removed for additional storage space. This mindset ensures you won’t allow clutter to pile up, just remember to make the most of every space, despite how large or small.

You can make the space your own with a few changes to your Cook building. Download the free guide to turning your Cook shed into a Tiny Home below.