Free Camping Apps for Your Next Adventure

Free Camping Apps for your Next Adventure + Cook Portable WarehousesCamping is a fun activity for kids, families all the way to the most experienced outdoorsman. As you begin enjoying Spring weather, you may want to dig into your shed and get all of your camping supplies organized and cleaned off for another year!

Here are some great tips for preparing your shed for the warmer weather.

If you’re planning your next camping trip or already on the road to the campground, here are some free camping apps to make the most of your adventure!

Google Keep App Google Keep

If you are collaborating with your spouse or another group on your camping trip, this app is great! You can create an itinerary, keep notes and confirmation numbers all in one place and accessible to everyone in your group.

Plus, if you’re splitting up the food and supplies responsibilities, you can all contribute to the same list, so you ensure nothing gets left behind. For a list of camping supplies that you don’t want to forget, check out our list here!

Kindle App Kindle

Download books for your travels with the Kindle App! If you have a local library, you might want to ask if they have ebooks available.  Some libraries have a partnership with Amazon where you can check out a book online and download it from Kindle directly.  

Or, if your friends have a Kindle, they can also loan you books for a set number of days, just like the library does. So, grab your favorite book, your hammock and relax!

My Radar App MyRadar

There are many radar and weather apps you can choose from.  This radar app gives you a live radar view of weather headed your way.  It also gives you forecasts for your area.  

Make sure you turn on severe weather alerts when you download your weather app so you’ll be notified if any severe weather is moving into your area. Though, if you are worried about getting a cell signal or wi-fi connection where you’re camping, you may need to purchase a portable weather radio.  

First Aid App from the American Red CrossFirst Aid by the American Red Cross  

Download this app so you’ll have a pocket guide to handling life threatening situations. The app explains how to help someone who is choking, bleeding, has a broken bone etc.  The best way to be prepared is to read through these scenarios now and take the quizzes they have inside the app.  For further preparation contact your local Red Cross for classes they may have coming up.

iExit AppiExit

This app is great if you’re traveling a ways to your next camping destination. While you’re on the road, it will show you what’s coming up at each exit.  You can easily find which exit you need to take to find your next restroom, restaurant, campground or tourist attraction. Find out more about it here.  

History Here AppHistory Here

You can make every trip a little educational, for yourself and the kids! This app shows you a map pinpointing where history happened. Read about the historical location and get driving or walking directions all inside the app.  See it here!   



All Trails App AllTrails

This app helps you find local hiking or biking routes and their difficulty level.  It even has the capability of tracking your movements using the GPS on your phone. Learn more about its capabilities here.

If you love finding that perfect bike trail, then here are some tips for keeping your bike stored properly so it’s always ready for your next ride.  

Remember to always let someone know your destination and timeframe before ever heading out on a trail.

All Recipes AppAll Recipes

This is a great app for searching for recipes, even those perfect for the campfire! This app is free but does offer in-app purchases to upgrade so you can save and organize your recipes.  



Coleman Campfire Tales AppColeman® Campfire Tales
Everyone enjoys telling stories around the campfire at night. Here’s some spooky tales for everyone to enjoy! Check it out here.


If you’re looking for a way to keep your camping supplies out of the elements, then learn more about Cook portable buildings! Each style is customizable to help fit your storage needs.  

Our Lofted Barn and Lofted Garage options are perfect for storing your supplies in the loft area and larger equipment on the main level.

Take a look at all of our shed styles and find the right storage solution for your camping gear!