Frequently Asked Questions about Rent to Own


At Cook, we are always working with our clients to meet their storage needs on terms that fit into their lifestyle.

One popular way we do this is with our Rent to Own program. Customers can lease their portable shed on a monthly basis and use a portion of those payments toward eventually owning the shed.

Do you have more in-depth questions about the program? Here are several frequently asked questions about Rent to Own. Learn how it can positively impact your family and remedy your need for extra storage.

What are the terms of Rent to Own?

There are no high interest charges or credit checks associated with this program. The low monthly rates are equal or close to the fees for a similar size storage unit per square foot.

Some of each rental payment also can go toward the purchase price of the building. That means in 3-4 years or sooner, you can own your very own warehouse with funds already allocated for your storage needs.

Is the Rent to Own program a good value?

Yes, about 75 percent of our clients purchase their unit through Rent to Own. The program fits long-term or small-term storage needs. Unlike vehicles or appliances, there is no depreciation in value with a portable shed.

President Greg Cook said, “There is no better payment plan for customers.”

Is there a penalty for paying the building off early?

We will never penalize our customers who are able to pay off their shed earlier than expected. At Cook, we are just excited whenever customers are able to enjoy their building as soon as possible. This applies anytime during the span of your lease.

What are the steps to get started?

The only thing required for delivery is as little as a $200 deposit, which is 100 percent refundable if you decide to purchase.

You don’t have to fill out a credit application and your credit won’t be affected if you decide to return the building. All you need is some basic information, including you driver’s license and Social Security number.

Then we can have that portable shed at your door in 7-10 business days. Anytime circumstances change and the building doesn’t fit into your family’s needs, one call is all it takes to have it picked up.

How can Rent to Own benefit businesses?

For companies, the benefits exceed extra space for their materials. All monthly payments can be claimed as a business expense and are tax deductible.

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