Get your Garage Ready for Spring in Just 10 Simple Steps


Warm weather is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing! Once those spring days arrive, garage organization will probably be the last thing on your mind.

We recommend setting aside a weekend to really dig in and get that garage looking great. Cleaning and organizing this space may sound like a daunting task, but we promise it won’t be so bad – that is, as long as you have a plan!

Here are 10 steps to help streamline your cleaning process:

  1. Start with a Blank Canvas

Begin by emptying all of the contents from your garage. Vehicles, roll-away storage, posters, and more…everything must go!

  1. Eliminate the Dirt

When the space has been totally emptied, it’s time to start cleaning. First, you’ll want to focus on dry cleaning the area.  A stiff bristle push broom will become your greatest asset during this process. Use the broom to sweep the whole floor.  It’s important to get out as much dirt and dust as possible. Look along the walls and at the ceiling edges for signs of spiders. If you see any webs, now is the time to get them down. The broom can help you in this task, too.

  1. Scrub It Clean

Clean off your broom and grab a bucket of hot, sudsy water. Then, use these items to thoroughly scrub the floor. Really put some effort behind this part. Your work will be rewarded by a sparkling, clean garage!

  1. Paint a Picture in Your Mind

Begin to imagine your ideal garage. Is it filled to the brim or is there a lot of extra space?  Where will everything go? This is a great opportunity to re-envision the space before you. A garage doesn’t have to feel dirty, cluttered, and neglected. You have other options.

  1. Group Contents into Clusters

Now that you have an idea of what the new space will look like, start sorting your stuff into basic piles:

    • Keep in the Garage
    • Store Somewhere Else
    • Get Rid of Completely
  1. Plan for Success

Focus on the pile of things you plan to keep in the garage. Within this group of items, create sub-groups. For instance, put recreational equipment here, cleaning supplies over there, and tools over here. Now, determine where these sub-groups will fit within your vision of a new garage.

  1. Create the Perfect Scene

Pick up the organizational supplies you think you’ll need to make this plan a reality. This may include wire shelving, plastic containers, or even pegboards. Then, get to work putting everything in its rightful place.

  1. Store the Rest

Now, direct your attention toward the group of items you decided to keep but store somewhere else. Do you already have another place for these materials? If not, you may want to consider investing in a shed or portable warehouse.

  1. Find a Home for the Excess

Begin to divide up the pile of things you decided to eliminate completely. Some pieces should probably be thrown away, but others may be suitable for recycling, donating, or selling.

  1. Admire Your Creation

Now, it’s time to step back and admire all of your hard work! Having a garage that’s clean and uncluttered will be all the reward you need.


If you don’t yet have a place to store all of that excess stuff, Cook Portable Warehouses can help. We have garage styles, sheds with loft storage and a Slim Shed that could potentially fit nicely against the side of your garage. We help you find ‘room for your stuff’!