Guide to Hosting the Holidays…in Your Shed!

If your shed is already equipped with electricity and running water, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t host the holidays in your shed!

If you haven’t decided on your portable building yet, consider all of the purposes it could fulfill for you, beyond just storage. Cook Portable Warehouses has eight building styles to choose from and many have the room you need to host the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas meal.  

Here’s a quick guide to help you host a holiday party in your shed.

Guide to Hosting the Your Shed!

  •  Electricity and plumbing

Many choose to add amenities to their portable buildings, especially if they’ll be using it for a tiny home or guest house. Even if you mainly use it for a workshop, these amenities come in handy!

But, remember to let the professionals handle this step.  Having this will make hosting so much easier! There will be less reason to go into the main house and you can keep dishes and guests warm throughout the party.

  • Menu Plan

This can be the fun part…or slightly stressful.  Decide how many guests, how much food and then plan accordingly. But, remember the limitations you have outside of your home.

-Will there be dishes you need to keep warm in a crockpot?

-Are there any foods that will be difficult to transport from your kitchen to the shed? If so, you may want to replace it with a simpler dish.

-Don’t forget to ask guests about allergies before you begin working on your menu.

-If you’re planning on a potluck, be sure to get a list of foods being brought so there isn’t too much overlap and you leave enough space for their dishes as well.


  • An efficient layout

Take inventory of your space, your menu and your number of guests to decide how the party should be laid out.  Consider some of these questions while you’re planning:

-Can you keep a direct pather clear to the exits and the bathroom?

-Does everyone have a seat?

-Where will the food go? Is there space to walk between the buffet and the main table?

-Do you know what dishes your guests are bringing? Make sure there will be a place for everyone’s food, not just your own.


  • Memorable Decorations

Get creative with this one! Since you’re hosting in your shed, you can go all out.  Don’t limit yourself to just the table decorations, think about your pathway from the driveway to the shed.  If you’re hosting at night, make sure the pathway is fully illuminated.  Add a colorful door hanging, lights or signs to decorate your entrance.  


  • Party Favors

If you’re looking for some simple gifts check out this postout this post! These ideas make great hostess gifts, but they can work as memorable party favors as well, at around $3 a gift.

Or, put your favorite holiday cookies in some festive bags to hand out so everyone has something to nibble on for their drive home. Attaching the recipe card to the bag is an added bonus!


Many people don’t have the room to host an elaborate party in their home, but with their portable building, it gives them extra space to entertain. By using some of these ideas, everyone will want you to host again next year!

If you host any of your holiday parties in your shed, share your pictures with us on Facebook!