He Shed, She Shed: Create a Shed for Everyone


The popular trend right now seems to be separation. Man Caves have been popular for years and now more recently women have decided they need a space of their own too, thus the She Shed.

Remember the signs we made as kids that said “No boys or girls allowed?” Well, this recent trend is the grown up version of that!

But, does it have to be either a man cave or a she shed? Why not make it a space you can use together to build and strengthen your relationship?

Here are 3 suggestions for making this space work for both you and your spouse.

Help them with their hobby

Find a way to mix your strengths with what they love to do.  

Not very good with a hammer? Then hold the extra tools or the flashlight while they work. Or hate gardening but still want to be nearby? Build a simple planter for them to use. Everyone appreciates it when someone takes the time to enjoy what they’re passionate about.

Sharing your hobby with the one you love is always a great feeling for both of you. We understand that it can be frustrating when someone else tries to help. But, if that someone is your spouse, try to share your hobby, instead of getting frustrated. It may be difficult, but remember they’re only there because they know it is something you love to do.

Try something new together

Research has shown couples who try new hobbies together are generally happier.  You probably have boards on Pinterest filled with awesome ideas.

So, whether it’s building a new headboard for your bed or refinishing old furniture; why not finally get started? Decide on one of your pinned projects and try it together, even if you aren’t sure you can pull it off.  

You’ll learn a new skill and learn more about your partner in the process. Plus, generally after a few blunders you will come out with some fun memories and stories to tell.

So, the next time you see your friends you aren’t telling them about the new show you just binge watched; instead you’ll have a fun story about something you accomplished together.

Split the space down the middle

If your hobbies don’t mesh at all, and you’ve tried to share your hobbies in the past, it may be time to re-organize your shed. Split the space down the middle and give each of you your own work space.

You will still be together in proximity, while you both work on your own projects. For some couples, just being near one another is all they need.  This way you’re both doing what you love best, but you’re still within earshot if you want to get input or brag about your special project.

There are so many options with how to use your new shed and with Cook Portable Warehouses, you’ll have plenty of space options to choose from to make it work for everyone.

The shed is yours together, so create a space both of you can use functionally. If you are part of our Rent-to-Own program, remember you can pay off your shed or upgrade it at any time if you decide more space is needed.

Think about creating a He Shed and a She Shed, under one roof. We call that a We Shed! 

Learn more about creative ways to convert your Cook shed. Download our Ultimate Shed Reference Guide below.