How Rent to Own Can Simplify your Life


With the Cook Portable Warehouses Rent to Own program, every family or business can get essential storage space without the stress or hassle of a storage unit.

Rent to Own provides countless perks for our customers but here are the top 5 things to know about the program.

1)  No Obligation

We don’t require you to sign an extended contract like many mini-warehouse companies. You can keep the shed as long as you need it, by just paying the monthly payments. Or because a portion of that money goes toward the overall cost of the shed, you could own it in no time.

This no strings attached method allows you to test drive a portable building before deciding if it’s right for your needs. Read more about the benefits of renting a Cook building over storage units.

2)  Greater Convenience

Not only will the warehouse be right in your backyard so no more going back and forth, but it can be delivered in as little as 7-10 days.

If things change, just give us a call and we will come pick up the shed and no future payments will be required. If you decide to stop the Rent to Own program your credit will not be negatively impacted.

Have more questions? Read these other frequently asked questions about Rent to Own.

3)  Low Cost

With as little as a $200 deposit and no credit check, you can get started today with your very own shed and that deposit is 100% refundable if you decide to purchase the building.

The monthly payments are comparable to a storage unit per square foot, can go toward the purchase price and you can pay the unit off at anytime.

Then when you are finished paying, that money going toward your storage needs every month, can be reallocated to other home repair or renovation projects. Check out some creative ways to put that extra money back into your home.

4)  Solid Construction

About 75 percent of our customers purchase their building through Rent to Own, because there is little to no depreciation on the value of the structure over time.

This hinges on the quality of our materials from the roof, to the floor, to the walls to the doors; each component is selected and constructed to ensure the structure is solid and secure.

From shallow groove siding, to 40-percent pressure treated lumber, to double stud construction, to six-inch door hinges, every part of our sheds ensures customer satisfaction. Learn more about what goes into every Cook building.

5)  Trade-Up

Along with the flexible payment options, the Rent to Own program works hand-in-hand with our Trade-Up program. So if you choose a building and your needs suddenly change, give us a call and we can deliver a larger one.

The payments you made toward the previous shed will transfer toward the cost of the new building. Check out these tips when deciding which size building is right for your needs.

To learn more about everything the Cook Portable Warehouses Rent to Own program has to offer, check out the top three benefits of the program or click below to find out everything you need to know!