How to Camp in your Backyard this Fall

With crisp sweater weather and leaves falling, fall is the perfect season to go camping. Before winter gets into high gear, plan a trip either in your favorite state park or right in your backyard.

If your family is looking to have fun outside and save money for the upcoming holiday season, use your own backyard as your camping locale.

All that camping equipment from tents, to chairs, to grills, and more, can take up a lot of room in your garage. If you need a designated space for your camping supplies, sports equipment, and other larger recreational items, consider a Cook shed.

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Use these ideas for games, food and other activities to have a home camping trip that your kids will remember through winter. And here are even more tips to make your camping adventure memorable.

How to Camp Right in your Backyard + Cook Portable Warehouses


Make your backyard into an obstacle course. Use the stuff that is already there as obstacles, like your patio table, garden hose and flowerbeds.

Races can be fun like a potato sack race, egg race, or bucket brigade, if you have a larger group. Group games encourage team building in a fun way.

You can even use your grass as the ultimate low cost game, by adding dots of spray paint in different colors to make a giant Twister board. Other creative ideas include backyard Bingo and playing Tic-Tac-Toe with painted rocks and a few small pieces of wood.


Have a dance party by just turning some music on, having someone start dancing, and then tap the next person to continue it.

Hold a sing-a-long around the campfire (or fire pit — learn how to make one!). Have everyone bring a musical instrument they know how to play or just research and print copies of simple sing-along songs to get everyone involved.

Once it gets dark, use flashlights to encourage kids to not be afraid of the dark. Hide a prize somewhere in the backyard and provide hints and help steer the group with flashlights.


Of course, all go-to camping snacks and desserts should be made around the campfire. You can keep preparation and cleanup at a minimum by using aluminum foil to grill meat and veggies.

Recreate your camping area with your food. Make grilled cheese, cut them horizontally and make the pieces resemble a tent. Then add thin cut French fries and a dollop of ketchup to add the “campfire.”

S’mores are one of the most essential camping snacks. You can keep them traditional or have kids grill the marshmallows, drip them in melted chocolate and top with crushed up graham crackers. Other ideas include making a healthy version of s’mores inside a banana or making s’mores cones.

Don’t forget about the morning after a night of fun camping. Start the next day off right with breakfast banana splits. Cut bananas lengthwise, fill with brown sugar, butter, and granola. Wrap in foil and roast over the fire or grill and serve with yogurt.

Remember, to just have fun and save some money by having the family camp in your backyard this fall! 

To learn more essential home and backyard tips for fall, download the free resource from Cook Portable Warehouses below!