How to Convert your Cook Shed into a Guest House

convert shed into a guest house + Cook Portable Warehouses

Every family needs space for guests but sometimes doesn’t have the room for them inside their home   A guest room is important when friends and family want to come visit, but might not have the available funds to rent a hotel room.

One way to maximize the space you have and provide your guests with some added privacy is by converting your Cook shed into a guest house. Why? Here are 4 reasons!

Here’s how to convert your Cook portable building into a guest house everyone will look forward to visiting. 

The first step is to consider the needs of those most likely to visit, as well as what you can currently afford to invest.  Think about the number of people you want the space to comfortably accommodate. This is especially important when choosing one of our 6 unique building styles.

Should you plan to just furnish the space with the basics or do you want to make it like a home away from home with tons of amenities?  Once you answer those questions, you’re ready to get started!


Well lucky for you the first step is easy because Cook portable buildings can be customized to include a variety of window sizes (including 24×27, 24×36, 30×40 and 36×40). When converting your outdoor building into a guest house, these windows are essential to let light and airflow in.

How to Convert Your Shed Into a Guest House + Cook Portable Warehouses


The necessity of insulation depends on the climate you are currently living in. But it’s a pretty easy task to add insulation, which will help keep your guests toasty in the wintertime.

Other low costs solutions to keep your space cool or warm is to include a window A/C unit, portable fans or a space heater. Just remember safety first, so use them correctly and turn them off when not in use.


Because of how life is these days, it’s most likely a good idea to install electricity to keep your guests comfortable. Think what you would miss without access to electricity, but make sure to check with the city’s building department before adding it.

Remember to ask a professional to come and work on making this additions. Before adding this amenity, click here for some things to consider. And remember to make sure your Wi-Fi network reaches all the way to your backyard.

Cooking/Food Storage

Because your guests might not have the exact same schedule as you (some of us are morning people and some aren’t) providing a small kitchen could prove beneficial. Add a mini-fridge, microwave or hotplate and coffeemaker along with same staples for the pantry.

Here are some other storage tips for your tiny home. 

Personalize the Space

Now that you have completed all those boring necessities, focus on the fun stuff. Decorate the space so it’s warm and inviting for your guests. Add a small bed or futon, comfortable chairs, lamp, rug and TV stand. Then, add some colorful and fun artwork for the walls or just paint them!

With a space this nice your guests might just want to move in! If you want to take it a step further, here’s some great ideas on making your shed a tiny home. Download our free guide below. 


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