How to Create a Personalized Man Cave for Father’s Day


Sunday is Father’s Day which means it’s time to find the perfect gift for dear old dad. But this isn’t always the easiest thing to do!

But there is one thing that nearly every dad wants- a Man Cave! Last year, we wrote a post about how a Man Cave, tool shed or auto garage are the perfect things to convert your Cook shed into for Father’s Day.

Let’s look at the Man Cave concept a little further. Here are a couple ideas of how to personalize your Cook building specifically for your dad!

A Man Cave is dad’s personal refuge full of all his favorite things. But it isn’t just another recreational room, it’s more than that! Man Caves continue to grow in popularity and if you don’t have the space inside your home for one, think outside the box (and in your backyard)!

Man Caves come in all shapes, sizes and themes but some staples include:

  • Flat Screen Television
  • Recliner/Comfortable Couch
  • Stereo/Sound System
  • Refrigerator/Mini-Fridge
  • DVD Player/Gaming Systems
  • Computer with Monitors
  • Bar/Pub

For more on how to create the ultimate Man Cave in your Cook Portable Warehouse, read this post!

However, you don’t have to limit dad’s dream room to just these items. Many favorite hobbies, collections and sports teams have taken center stage when creating his personal “Manctuary.”

Here are a couple of our favorite ideas:

Golf Cave-If you dad’s favorite activity if golfing make his shed into a practice area and lounge. Get a flat screen and comfortable seating to watch all the big matches and golf trainers and practice putting greens so he can work on his game when it’s too hot outside.

Pool Hall– Make your dad his very own pool hall and lounge right outside in his Man Cave. You will need a pool table with overhead lighting, wall storage for pool sticks and plenty of seating around the table. Another great idea is rubber tile flooring to prevent damage from stray billiard balls.

Arcade- If dad has a collection of arcade and pinball games now he has a space to keep all them together. Other fun touches include a jukebox, dartboard and table for smaller games.

Motorcycle Bar- Why not combine two of dad’s favorite things? Then, he has secure storage for his motorcycle and can wet his whistle after a long ride. Add a couple high top tables with bar stools and a mini fridge with cold drinks and it’s ready to go!

Rock Climbing Room-If your dad is looking to stay active, convert his Man Cave into a workout space with a rock climbing wall. Add handholds to the wall and include harnesses for safety reasons.

If you don’t have a Cook Portable Warehouse in your backyard to convert into the ultimate Man Cave, what are you waiting for? Learn more about what to consider when buying a Cook Shed by downloading the helpful resource below!