How to Get your Grill Ready for Summer


The beginning of June means it’s time to invite friends, family and neighbors over for your first summer barbecue. So get your table and chairs out, mix up some delicious drinks and turn the music on.

But one big component of a successful BBQ is of course the yummy grub!

So before you get started with all that party planning, it’s time to get your grill out from storage and make sure it’s ready for another grilling season. If you kept your equipment inside your Cook shed then it should be in the same condition as when you stored it last winter.

But here are 4 other things to do to get your grill ready to get cooking again!

Check the hose

When dealing with flames and flammable components, it’s important to remember the phrase: Safety first. Because your grill hasn’t been used recently, check it completely for any damage before you ignite it for the first time.

If you have a gas grill, check the hose that connects the propane to the burners and make sure it’s intact and clean. If there is build-up on the hose, clean it off before starting your grill. If the hose is torn or has holes, replace it.

Give it a good cleaning

It’s a good idea to wipe down the exterior of your grill with a damp washcloth and a wire brush. Washing off all that built-up grease will keep your barbecue looking its best.

For gas grills, clean and scrub down the grates. Use a spray bottle filled with one part water and one part vinegar to clean the interior of your grill. Let it sit for a couple minutes and then wipe off with a sponge.

This will help loosen up that built-up grime and probably result in better tasting food. (You don’t want anything messing with that delicious grub of yours)! Don’t forget to run your grilling tools through the dishwasher before using too.

Empty the grease trap out

Clean out the grease trap under your grill by dumping out any residual grease from last year. A good tip to simplify the process in the future is to line the grease trap with heavy-duty aluminum foil before cooking.

Give it a test run

Run your grill to burn away any access soot from the water and vinegar mixture and give it one last scrape with the brush.

Then, before you get to cooking, turn on your grill again, light it up and let it burn for a few minutes. Watch it to make sure all the burners are working correctly and there are no leaks.

Now get those burgers, veggies and everything else ready to get cooking!

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