How to Get your Kitchen Wintertime Ready


Those cooler temperatures always tend to happen before we expect them. One day, you are wearing a summer sundress or shorts and the next; you are bundled up in front of the fire.

But one key place in your house that should be organized and cleaned before winter gets into high gear is the kitchen.

No need to panic, with these simple tips from Cook, your kitchen will be ready for all the wintertime cooking, baking and entertaining. Get yourself organized with these easy concepts and your kitchen will be ready for winter in no time.

Dive into your fridge

The first step is to thoroughly clean your refrigerator and trash all those items that are leftover from the summer. Toss out staples like salad dressings and sauces and anything else that won’t last through the winter months. Also, check the freezer for those cold foods like popsicles or ice cream that most likely won’t be eaten during the winter.

Pull out all the drawers and put any wilted fruits and veggies into the trash or compost pile. Clean out all those drawers with a mixture of dish detergent and warm water. Check for any liquids that have spilled or leaked and clean those spots too. Group similar things together, so it will be easier to find them throughout the season.

Stock up your pantry

Take a look through your pantry and analyze what items you have and what things you should stock up on before a winter storm. Grab those staples like hearty soups, stews, canned vegetables, oatmeal, hot cereals and dry goods like pasta.

Don’t forget your family’s favorite warm drinks like hot chocolate and items to pack for kid’s lunches. Also, check to see if you need to replace your child’s insulated lunch box or thermos.

counters, cupboards

First, look over your countertops and check for any supplies or appliances that won’t be used as frequently through the winter. Replace with your crock pot to cook all those winter comfort foods.

Then, rearrange the cabinets and shelves so things you’ll need during the winter like mugs and casserole dishes are in the front and things like acrylic dishes and barbecue utensils are in the back.  

Refresh your recipes

Go through recipes books to refresh your memory on those wintertime family favorites. Through the summer months with all those fresh, light meals, you can forget the details for those casseroles, stews, etc. Copy those favorites on pretty paper, add to a recipe planning board and hang it in your kitchen.

Planning these meals ahead of time allows you to stock up on those additional ingredients and spices and make sure all your supplies and equipment are in working order and ready to go.

Don’t forget the decor

Think about comfort on those chilly winter mornings and nights along with decorative items that tie into your overall decor scheme. Add a pretty rug in front of the sink or oven to protect your toes from cold tiles. Replace your bright, summery dish towels or oven mitts with more subdued fall and winter colors.

Check for convenient storage places for those winter friendly foods like potatoes, squash, etc. to keep space on countertops and in your pantry. Replace plants that might not survive the season with wintery herbs like thyme and rosemary that are easy to care for and can flavor those yummy winter soups.

It’s always a great feeling to be proactive about those organization tasks around your property. Another smart way to get your stuff organized during every season is with a Cook Portable Warehouse. Learn more about a Cook shed by clicking our buying guide below!