How to Get Your Shed Ready for the Big Game

Get your shed ready for the big game

Football season is coming to an end and championship games are here!  

Obviously food and television are two of the main ingredients of watching your favorite team or the big game, but the secret ingredient is the location. The location where you watch the game is crucial to your viewing experience.

Going to the actual game can be expensive. Bars and restaurants can be crowded and loud. Your spouse and kids might want to watch something else on your family room television. But… your shed can be the perfect place to watch the big game!

Here are few things you need to do to get your shed ready for the big game and turned into the ultimate sports cave!


Set Up Electricity

The first step in getting your shed ready for the game is getting the electricity set up. You should get the electricity set up the week before to make sure you won’t have any problems on the day of the game.

Before installing electricity, remember to use a professional electrician since working with electricity is very dangerous.

Here’s what you should consider before adding electricity to your shed.



The most important part of watching a game is the television. You can buy a new television for your new sports room or just take one from your house. If you want to have an even bigger screen, set up a projector to watch the game on. You can even use a white sheet as your projection screen.

For helpful tips setting up your projector, click here.  


Install a Sound System

You’re going to need a great sound system so you don’t miss a thing. If your TV already has great audio, then you’re already set. If not, grab some extra speakers to enhance your viewing experience.


Watch the big game in your shed


Find the Perfect Couch/Recliner

This may be the most underrated part of watching a game. There is nothing better than watching on a comfortable couch or recliner. If your shed is going to remain a place where you watch games, invest in a comfortable couch or chair.


Mini Fridge

Instead of running inside and missing the commercials, put a mini fridge in your shed so you will never miss any of the action. This will keep your drinks cool and you can even store snacks in it.



And finally, the food. From pizza to wings to all the chips & dips, the food is one of the best parts of sports. Food attracts people to watch the big game even if they don’t care about the game. If you have the room, put a microwave in your shed so you don’t have to eat any cold food. Also, you’ll want a table set up to put your party food and snacks on.

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