How to Keep your Closets Clutter Free


Keeping your closets organized is not easy with daily responsibilities, a busy job and family life. We often get to the point where all that clutter is just thrown into closets to get it out of the way.

Then, you can’t find that one thing you need to complete your outfit because your closets are too full of stuff. So it’s important to take time to organize your closets! But the nice part is it’s easier to take one closet space at a time instead of tackling an entire room.

But if your stuff doesn’t match the storage space you have inside your home, a Cook Portable building could be the right solution for you!

So use these 3 simple tips so your closets will be sparking clean and will help save future time and frustration.

Analyze what you have

It might seem like a daunting task, but first you should go through your closets and consider how much use everything gets. For clothes, try every garment on in front of the mirror. Those things that are ripped, stained or don’t fit anymore should be thrown away or donated.

With anything, a good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn or used something in a year, then let it go to the donation pile. Put items into four categories: keep, mend, donate and toss.

A smart tip to make organizing a bedroom closet easier in the future is to flip all the hangers one way. As you wear items, flip the hanger the opposite direction. So it will be clear what you wear regularly and what you haven’t worn in a long time.

Group items

Organize those pieces that you plan to keep, by style, season, etc.  and put more everyday items in front and less-used items closer to the back. Another way to quickly find items is to color coordinate those categories or use decorative, labeled containers.

A helpful time saver in the mornings is to create different outfits for the week beforehand and hang them together or hang what you plan to wear the next day on your closet door. Use the tabs from soda cans to double your hanging space. Slide the tab to the base of the hanger hook and then add another hanger.

Shower curtain rings are another great way to store multiple items on one hanger. Remember to use the same style of hanger (wooden, plastic, etc.) throughout to provide a more cohesive look and save space.

Use smart storage options

Use clear containers and bins to hold items so you can see the contents and quickly grab things off shelves. Use smaller wooden trays to keep track of jewelry, nails, screws and other really small pieces. 

Display your shoes on the ground or on floating shelves to free up more space for hanging items. Wash and store out-of-season clothing in boxes or bags and keep them on higher shelves. 

Take advantage of your vertical space by adding shelves and keeping a stepstool to grab items that are used less often like holiday decorations. Doors also provide valuable space to add hooks for hanging items.

If you use these tips and your closets are still overflowing, a Cook portable shed could provide the extra space your family needs with the convenience of easy accessibility. Want more storage advice? Check out these Top 5 Storage Tips from our blog.