How to Keep your Laundry Room Spick and Span


The next room up on our journey around your home with organizational tips is the laundry room. Like your bathrooms, laundry rooms are typically small so it’s important to maximize the level of efficiency.

Here are 5 simple ways to keep your space tidy, to help you do laundry quickly and get back to doing more fun activities! These inspirational ideas will help you gain some precious time and space in your laundry room.


Gather all the stuff you need to do laundry and place it together in one place. This includes laundry detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover and strain remover sticks. Use a bin or hanging shelf so everything is at your fingertips. Take powder detergent out of the cardboard box and add to a glass container to make it easier to see when your supply is low.


Use a laundry hanger for those items that will need to be ironed. Keep those things there until they have been ironed or steamed and then hang them back in your closet. If you don’t have room for an iron, a standing or portable steamer is a good space-saving option.

Vertical space is essential so hide your ironing board between the wall and the washer or dryer or hang on the back of the door. A plastic over the door organizer is also a good space saver for cleaning, washing or drying supplies.


Keep a small trashcan or get a tin pail to put dryer lint, used dryer sheets and other trash found in the pockets of clothes. Then, you won’t have to spend time sweeping the floors every time you do laundry.

A simple way to remind yourself to empty those pockets before throwing things into the washing machine is to add a reminder to an eye level shelf. Choose a cute jar for those pennies, buttons and other assorted found things or frame a cute saying as a reminder.


If you have extra built-in shelving in your laundry room, fold clothes, sheets or towels and put them in containers labeled by room. Then, you can delegate who picks up these items and puts them away to each family member.


Add a simple closet rod to hang wet swimsuits or items that need to air dry. For wet garments, make sure to use plastic hangers. Or you can turn a regular shelf into a hanger by screwing some PVC pipe to the edge or mount a bath towel holder to the underside of a shelf.

If you are really lacking space, build a simple organizer from 1×10 and 1×3 wooden boards to frame your washer and dryer.

Another helpful do-it-yourself idea is to create a stain chart with a comprehensive list of stains, what each one was treated with and the success level. Keep the list up-to-date on a dry erase board nearby.

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