How to Make a Fire Pit in your Backyard


Have you ever thought about adding a fire pit to your backyard? It’s something that is relatively easy for anyone to install, adds value to the property, is a great entertaining tool and can be utilized in any season.

In summer, you and the kids can go camping in the backyard and enjoy hot dogs and s’mores and in the winter, invite friends and neighbors over for a bonfire. Trust us; the uses for your new fire pit are countless.

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You can of course purchase a pre-made fire pit, but we like the more do-it-yourself approach. So, learn how to make your own fire pit by using just these simple steps.

Get the right tools

First, you will need to gather or purchase all the correct tools and supplies to get the job done right. Basic tools to have include a shovel, tape measure, level, tamper, mallet and caulk gun.

You will also need a steel fire pit bowl or steel pit ring with tabs and a screen cover or grate along with whatever cast-concrete stones or landscaping blocks you plan to use. Don’t forget a bag of leveling sand and drainage gravel as well as masonry adhesive.

These supplies won’t be cheap, but this DIY approach is much less expensive that the pre-made store-bought variety.

Pick the best location

Just like when you are selecting the best place for your Cook shed, a lot of thought has to go into the best location.  If you are considering investing in a Cook warehouse, we offer free site checks to ensure your backyard is a good fit for one of our buildings.

First, check any local ordinances in your area regarding adding a fire pit to a residential backyard. Some areas require the fire pit to be at least a certain amount of feet from the home, buildings or large trees.

The best placement is most likely somewhere that is a safe distance from any buildings or sheds and that doesn’t blow smoke back into your living areas.

Get building

First, you will need to dig a hole several feet wider than the size of your fire pit. Dig out at least 12 inches of soil and add about 4 inches of both gravel and sand to help drainage.

Then, place the wall stones or landscaping blocks in a circular shape around the hole.

Make sure the bottom layer is flat by using a tamper and double check it with a level. If a stone is too high, use the mallet to knock it down or if one is too low, add some extra sand underneath it.

Remember, the inner diameter of the circle has to be the perfect size to fit your bowl or ring. Then, lay the additional layers of stone or rock, applying the masonry adhesive in between layers.

Before the final layer of stone, add an extra layer of gravel inside the fire pit, put the steel ring or bowl in place with the cover and then add the final layer. Now you have your very own fire pit!

For a more detailed look at how to construct your own DIY fire pit, watch this video! And to learn more about the perks of adding a Cook Portable Warehouse to your yard, download our product brochure below!