How to Make the Most of your Shed this Fall


Your storage has to be adaptable to different times, conditions and seasons. You might need a different storage solution in winter than you do in summer. But that is one of the benefits of choosing a Cook Portable Warehouse.

Our sheds can be customized according to the size, colors and features every customer is looking for in their building. And with a convenient location right in your backyard, you can access those things you need whenever you need them!

Or you can transform your shed into anything and everything for every season. Here are a few helpful and a few other fun ideas of how to renovate your shed for fall. And check out our winter ideas in this post!

Artist studio

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons with vibrant yellow, green and red colors and the cool, relaxing weather. It’s the perfect time to get the creative juices flowing!

And, if you convert your Cook shed into an artist studio you can get inspired by just looking out the window into nature.

So, grab your pencils, paints, paintbrushes, canvases, scissors and more, and carry them outside to your new artistic oasis!

Custom playhouse

Before winter starts and everyone is cooped up in the house take advantage of the nice weather by making your shed into a custom playhouse for your kids. If you are really handy, add a slide or climbing element to the outside.

Or just convert the inside into a place for fun! Some ideas include a game corner, reading area and dress up center. To learn more about turning your shed into the best playhouse, read this post!

Guest house

With the holiday season gearing up, the time for houseguests also begins. Be ready for family and friends who decide to come visit by preparing a guest house space right outside in your building.

Then, you will be happy to spend time with them, instead of getting in each other’s space. For more on some simple ways to convert your building into a guest house, read this post!

And now for some fun fall ideas for your shed:

  • Haunted house– For those of us that love Halloween and love a good scare, how about turning your shed into the scariest haunted house on the block? You don’t have to make any major changes, just add decorations and other elements that will give your neighbors a fright. See some other ways to use your shed this Halloween! 
  • Pumpkin patch– One of the most fun things about October and Halloween is carving pumpkins. So, how about making your very own pumpkin patch with pumpkins of all sizes for your family and neighbors to enjoy?
  • Santa’s workshop– So we know this is cheating a little and skipping ahead to the Christmas season, but who can resist some holiday cheer in the form of Santa’s workshop? Decorate it with reds and greens, have your neighbors over and sip some delicious hot cocoa!  Watch this video on how to create your very own Santa’s Workshop! 

For more ideas on how to convert your shed into anything and everything, download our Ultimate Shed Idea Reference Guide below!