How to Make your Cook Shed Delivery Problem Free

You’ve decided to purchase a Cook shed! Congratulations! (thank you again for your business) You’ve tailored it to your specific needs, backyard space, style, and function. So, what’s next after you’ve selected the perfect Cook portable shed for your family’s needs?

You get it delivered for free by our expert staff!

Every Cook portable building is built in our quality controlled environment and delivered directly to the customer fully assembled, to set-up and level. To get started, read this blog with everything you need to know about preparing for your Cook shed delivery!

We also offer free site checks prior to purchasing to ensure our buildings are a good fit for your backyard space. To schedule a free site check, email us at or call 1-800-772-7883.

See more about our delivery and set-up process in this video! And, learn answers to some of our most common questions from customers about our shed delivery process.

Cook Shed Delivery Process

How does Cook go above and beyond for customers?

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t contract out to deliver our buildings. Instead, every backyard shed is delivered by a member of our dedicated Cook delivery staff. By using our own professional fleet, we maintain control of every aspect of the delivery process.

Every member of the Cook team, from dealers, to customer service agents, and drivers all genuinely care about every customer and every building they deliver.

This complimentary Cook shed delivery service includes proper leveling of your building. Our delivery personnel will place the shed on the level ground and then adjust the height to a maximum of six inches. This service also ensures all the doors and windows are leveled correctly.


When will my shed be delivered?

Our normal delivery time is 7 to 10 working days, weather permitting, from the date the order is processed. But, our hardworking team makes every effort to deliver your building as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can track your shipment three days after the order is placed. Just visit this page and find out when you can expect your Cook building.

Handyman Shed


What should I do before delivery to ensure an easy delivery?

Because our portable buildings are typically delivered with a large truck and 30-foot trailer, it’s critical for our staff to have clear access to the location of your future shed! Make sure the area is clear of trees, overhead wires, ditches, etc.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to remove any obstructions that would interfere with a successful delivery. The customer should also check with their local government to see which local or state ordinances apply to that area. To download the release forms by state, click here.

If the property is owned by someone other than you, the customer, the property owner must sign a release form before delivery can be scheduled.


What is the delivery process like?

First, every customer will be contacted by a member of the Cook team about two days before the shed delivery date to schedule a date and time. It’s important to note the person whose information is on file must be present to accept delivery. If you need to get in touch with our fleet department for any reason regarding your arrangements, please call 866-793-4089.


Congratulations on your new Cook Portable Warehouse! Check back on our blog for more helpful information about your backyard shed!

If you’re still trying to decide if a Cook portable building is right for you download our building buying worksheet below!