How to Make your Holiday Shopping Stress Free


The last month of the season bring the holidays, which means time off from work and fun with family and friends for everyone! But the holiday season can bring the added stress of buying the right gifts, finding the time to mail or wrap them and the right place to store them so those curious recipients don’t track them down!

Well with Cook the holiday buying season can be stress free with this shopping survival guide that includes how to shop more efficiency, use your money wisely and the best storage methods for all those amazing gifts!

Make a list and a plan

Lists are a great way to get organized. Write down every person you plan to get a gift for and remember to include family members, friends, work colleagues/your boss, neighbors and pets. Jot down any ideas you have for that person and the maximum amount that you plan to spend.

Include those people that you plan to give holiday tips to like your doorman, babysitter and mailman. Knowing an estimate of what you plan to spend is essential so you won’t go over budget. On those shopping days, plan what stores you will visit and try to be as efficient as possible. 

Start shopping early

It might be too late in the year for this tip, but it’s a good thing to remember for years to come. If you wait every year to start shopping in December you are faced with those dreaded long lines and picked over inventories.

So keep your eyes open throughout the year and you will most likely end up stumbling on things people would love! Then, when you look at that extremely long list in December, you can happily cross some names from the list.

It’s important to keep all the gifts that you purchased in advance in one hidden location so when you are ready to wrap everything they are right there! A perfect place to keep those great gifts is in a Cook Portable Warehouse. With our heavy duty door features, your presents will be safe for months and months.

Spend time researching

Although doing research is often a timely process, it’s also the best method to find those jaw-dropping deals and make sure no one has to hit the return line.

Online reviews for products on Amazon, especially electronics, are a great place to start! And use price comparison websites like or download a price comparison app on your mobile phone!

Here is a great tip we learned online- many online businesses offer free shipping on December 17th; learn more at!

Get crafty with DIY projects

There are most likely some people on your holiday list who would appreciate a homemade gift over something store bought. With the growing popularity of websites like and Pinterest, you can easily find instructions on how to make the perfect gift for anyone!

Or if you aren’t the crafty type, just bake a batch of delicious cookies, or sew a personalized bag or pillow, etc. You can also find any DIY tutorial on YouTube or in a how-to book.

Another important thing to remember when holiday shopping to be smart with your purchases! Don’t just buy gifts to buy them; really think about what that person needs. A smart purchase that will stand through time and provide that additional space any family needs is a Cook shed.

Our lowest price guarantee ensures that you don’t have to comparison shop because if you find a building that is the same size, same style with the same features as a Cook warehouse, we will reduce your price by 50 percent.

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