How to Pick the Right Size Rent to Own Shed


One of the main questions to ask when considering the purchase of a portable warehouse is – “What size portable building do I need?” 

Because families and businesses are always growing, it’s never easy to predict your future storage needs.

At Cook Portable Warehouses, we are always looking for the best way to help our customers get the storage they need, on their terms. For example, the Rent to Own shed program provides a flexible way to get the right size portable building with monthly payments that are comparable to storage units and go toward the overall cost.

But if you are concerned about committing to one size now, the Rent to Own program works hand-in-hand with our Trade-up program. So if you decide you need a larger building, call us anytime and the money you have paid toward your current lease will apply to the new unit.

When picking the right shed size, here are a couple things to think about!

1)  Think about the primary need for your new storage unit.


For example, has your family’s extra stuff filled up the attic and every closet? Or did you just make a large purchase, like a new vehicle?

Take inventory of your possessions and then choose a shed that is at least one size bigger than you anticipate. Also note how you plan to group and organize your things in the space.

This is also a great time to organize your items and weed out things you don’t need any more. Sell them at a yard sale or donate to charity.

What do you need to put in your Lofted Barn shed?

2)  Look into the future several years. 


Especially if you have younger children or are using the building as an extension of your business. Or, do you have any other upcoming large purchases, kids or parents moving back in or any interest in converting the unit into a gym or craft room?

A great question to answer is – how much stuff did you have this year, compared to last year at the same time? Then think 5-10 years into the future and estimate where your family will be. In general, the storage needs for most families and businesses will continue to increase over time.

3)  Consider where you plan to place the shed in the yard.


If you are limited space-wise, that could restrict the size of the portable building you can select. But if you have the room, pick a location that is close enough to your home to be convenient but not adjacent.

Cook Portable Warehouses has tons of sizes, colors and style choices that will match your house and blend right into your home’s landscape. 

Consider where to place your Garden Shed

With the combination of our Rent to Own and Trade-Up programs, customers can use a trial run to decide whether a portable building is right for them and what size best fits their needs. Then, no matter what changes, you can pay off the shed within 3-4 years, upgrade to a larger size or return the shed.

At Cook Portable Warehouses, we work hard to tailor financing and service options that fit your life. With a small deposit, a Cook Portable Warehouse can be delivered to your door in 7-10 days! Click below to learn more about our Rent to Own program.